I want to Talk about some fantasy and reality, plans and goals, and some things that dreams are made of. I want to connect lonely friends (hum “Matchmaker, Matchmaker”…) I want to see old friends … before it’s too late. I’ll honor the memories of Marion Freed, Sandi Nimoy, and Vanessa Chartoff, Sid Melton and Ray Aghayan.

Well, then I must face weight loss, so hard to put in black and white, but all those amazing meals while traveling do creep up on one. So strength be mine (please send positive thoughts). Meanwhile, I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t mention our last Paris dining miracle. Blame it on Mary Willard. Fred and Mary had just returned from Paris and I asked for any special tips. Mary said, “Jules Verne.” Mon Dieu.


View from Le Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower.

Walking up towards the Eiffel Tower, our excitement was palpable. David told me I could go any place I wanted to on our final day in Paris and I, with assurance, told him Jules Verne. It was nervy, but Mary said. We found their special little elevator and went up the Tower and into this heavenly place. Le Jules Verne Restaurant is beyond words, but it’s not beyond viewing on a divine website. Gaze and dream, or maybe, make a reservation. (If Paris is in your future, reserve now; it’s a hot ticket to a magnificent and delicious experience: http://www.lejulesverne-paris.com/.)

This is a possible dream. Pricey? Oui! Worth it? Oui oui. Our week day lunch was 85 Euros. They offer wine by the glass, and food by the gods. The meal is as superb, and as beautiful, as the views — the best in Paris. Out the windows, the city surrounded us and we could see beyond to the far away countryside. And, please use the washrooms; they had Lucite fixtures, even the toilet! Naturally, David wants one. So dear readers, I wish you Paris and the magic of Le Jules Verne.


“Can’t you hear me callin’, Caroline?” — Our new cow from Magna-Carta.

Last year’s Paris trip was my favorite. So here is my final, most wonderful memory as I plow into 2012. A Boutique became a focal point of our stay. I was doing a little power-walk\window shopping on rue de Bac one morning when I stopped in my tracks at number 101. A gently appealing gift shop, called Magna-Carta, had some paper mâché animal heads mounted on the walls. So beautiful, real, amusing, personal art, totally unique. Most of Magna-Carta’s merchandise are perfect gifts, like paper goods, toys, specialized items that make it a go-to place when a present is required. But the animal heads, wow! It seems they are made by two sisters in Paris and are like nothing I’ve ever seen. See them, and other darling merchandise, at their very pleasant and happy website: www.magna-carta.fr. When you get to the site, click on “Les nouvelles” and then to “Petit bestiaire en papier mâché” and view the blog with pictures of a camel, rhino, deer, and other majestic creatures large and small.

The animals mesmerized me. The problem was: Which one? I came back with David and he offered me one for my birthday. We settled on the cow, simple but perfect for us. (I took pictures to keep memories and show pals and now their beautiful rhino head is in Yuki and Cedric Scott’s home, along with a charming little chicken.)

Such imagination and choice of themes. Our cow, Caroline, named after the “Gypsy” cow, is white and covered with delicate antique sheet music. Yuki and Cedric’s rhino, named Jackie, is white with Japanese waves and soothing flowers making it so beautiful.

This Boutique is owned by a lovely young family, who are now our friends. David really admired a fantastic rooster so we both secretly purchased one to be shipped home. Luckily the dear shop owners figured it out. And, they do fool proof packing, which is another art. The only problem is we both want a camel. C’est la vie, such is life.

Here’s to living with loss, and loving life.

We’ll Talk….

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