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By Dorothy Storm

Dorothy Storm, owner and founder of MetaMotion.

Dorothy Storm, owner and founder of MetaMotion.

MetaMotion, a unique strength training facility, has arrived in Toluca Lake. Come in, and experience the difference. At MetaMotion, you enter an environment that facilitates concentration and peak performance. By performing each exercise in a controlled and deliberate fashion, you minimize momentum and force. This slow, continuous effort takes the muscles to total fatigue in three minutes or less. During your 30 minute workout, you and your instructor will focus on advancing levels of intensity to systematically exhaust all the body’s muscle groups. This method is proven to stimulate muscle growth in the shortest amount of time, creating the most effective, efficient and safest way to train.
Strength training this way is safe for people who have never strength trained before, and takes those who have been working out for years to a new level. Professional supervision and support is continuous. Our certified instructor plans and conducts each workout, teaching you the proper technique while closely monitoring your form and cadence, allowing you to maximize every second of your workout. The equipment is the most technologically advanced of weight training machines—MedX™, the next generation of equipment created by the founder of Nautilus.
The higher the quality of exercise, the more productive it becomes, and the less of it you actually require.  Make an appointment soon, and you will be amazed at how quickly you see positive changes in your strength and shape.

MetaMotion is located at 4405 Riverside Drive #107 in Toluca Lake. For more information, call (818) 848-(META)6382.


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