‘50s Teen Idol Rockin’ The SmokeHouse in Burbank



Jimmy Angel and The SmokeHouse General Manager Israel Aviles.

Jimmy Angel and The SmokeHouse General Manager Israel Aviles.

The ‘50s Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and well in the form of Teen Idol Jimmy Angel. You can rock on Saturday nights to the music that made the ‘50s and ‘60s the best, right here in beautiful Downtown Burbank!

But I digress, Jimmy Angel’s career started in the ‘50s when his baseball career with the New York Yankees was cut short by an unexpected injury. Back home in Memphis healing, Jimmy was perusing the local record store when three sharp-dressed “cats” approached Jimmy about a singing career because he looked like his buddy Elvis and teen idol Ricky Nelson. Jimmy tried to explain he was no singer like Elvis, but the “cats” said, “We own ten record companies — we can make you a star.”

The “cats” were manager, Ted Siminetta, and writers, Hugo Luigi Creator and George David Weiss. Jimmy explained he must speak with his mother, Virginia. Off they went to talk to Jimmy’s mom. Although Virginia was skeptical Jimmy convinced her it was a terrific opportunity.

Jimmy worked very hard and delivered ten gold records and numerous hits. He appeared over 35,000 times in teen magazines, TV shows, and toured the country encouraged by thousands of adoring fans.

Jimmy was on top of the world until June 28, 1971, when an attempted assassination on Joe Colombo’s life at the Italian American Civil Rights League changed everything. After seven years of devotion to Mr. Colombo, Mr. Colombo passed. Jimmy tried to pick up his career, but the FBI was not going to let the past stay in the past. They plagued his every move. So with help from Pat Boone and Mary Reeves (Jim Reeves’ widow) Jimmy headed to Japan, where he remained for thirty years. Japan fell in love with Jimmy; all was going splendid until the tsunami of 2011 hit Japan forcing Jimmy back to the United States.

Jimmy Angel is very happy to be back home, but make no mistake Jimmy is not your average 78 year old! He’s a ROCK ‘N’ ROLL ‘50s Teen Idol, Baby!

Jimmy Angel is looking forward to “getting America back before he croaks,” his words not mine. But that is the short of the story: come see and hear the whole story from Jimmy himself. He appears at The SmokeHouse in Burbank every other Saturday night. Find him on the internet at JimmyAngel.net or preview his soon-to-be released film titled Mob Star: The Jimmy Angel Story at avmpics.com.

The SmokeHouse is located at 4420 Lakeside Dr. in Burbank. For more information call (818) 845-3731.

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