A Bright, Shiny Needle in the Haystack: Burbank’s Own Mindy Dai Acupuncture


By Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Dr. Mindy Dai.

So, you’ve got an aching pain or your digestion is out of whack. You’ve tried everything, and it just won’t go away. You don’t want to fill up on prescription drugs, but you’re running out of options and patience. What to do? Get poked!

The ancient art of acupuncture dates back to ancient China in 200 BC. It’s a form of holistic therapy where energy (called qi) is manipulated by needling specific acupuncture points on the body (called meridians). Such points are found all over the body and are believed that when stimulated, they can help heal a multitude of ailments.

Hailing from China herself, Dr. Mindy Dai is the greatest combination of Eastern meets Western medicine and healing. Once a radiologist, Mindy chose to explore the holistic path to wellness over a decade ago. Using both her formal medical training along with her acupuncture practice, Dr. Dai is extremely well versed in treating the whole body. Looking to treat the source of the problematic ailment as opposed to just the symptoms, healing has never been so thorough. It’s no wonder why she is local physicians’ number one choice for referral.

Mindy specializes in a number of treatments for everything from oncologist support, neurological and stress treatments, digestion, and even face-lifts and Bells Palsy. However, her strengths lie in helping those on pain management, women’s health, and fertility. Additionally, Dr. Dai promotes herbal medicine as a complement to her therapies. Using only top of the line herbal medicines, it’s just another reason as to why she continues to win top honors as Burbank’s best acupuncturist.

In chatting with Mindy about the upcoming holidays, she mentioned that there is no time like the present to begin acupuncture treatment. With the onset of colder weather, muscles become stiffer, and those who suffer from arthritis tend to have more prominent flare ups and pain. Not to mention the added stress that comes with the holidays — there’s nothing like a soothing acupuncture session to help get you through the seasonal madness.

So whether you are thinking of re-energizing in time for the new year, have been putting off treatment for that aching back, or are looking to start a family, make an appointment to see Dr. Mindy Dai today. Plus, if you’re thinking of giving the gift of wellness to a friend or loved one this year, Dr. Dai would be glad to help!

For more information on Dr. Mindy Dai or to make an appointment, visit her website at www.DrMindyDai.com or call (818) 843-1558.

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