A Centennial Birthday for Burbank


The city of Burbank is celebrating its 100th birthday all this year, and they started out with a bang on January 1, 2011 at the Rose Parade in Pasadena! The float made by citizens of Burbank depicted the progress in the last century by featuring the birth of the studios, Lockheed Airport, schools, parks and more — what an outstanding work of art! It went on to take one of the top awards. Recently, the Road Kings, who are celebrating their 60th year, held a major car show at Johnny Carson Park — one of their best and biggest in honor of the big day. Our two high schools, Burbank and Burroughs, joined their musical talents together and gave a joint performance at our Starlight Bowl high in the hills of Burbank to the delight of a packed house under the stars to celebrate this special year. The city has even published brochures on 100 Ways to Celebrate Burbank!

Contact www.burbankchamber.org for more information. The actual date of the founding of Burbank is July 8, and what a day they have planned! The Party of the Century will begin in the heart of downtown with a parade, dignitaries, former mayors and even a time capsule. Imagine 100 years ago, Burbank began as farmland with a railroad, horse and buggies and Model T cars! There’s so much to tell, and lots to celebrate. Think of the founding of our studios — Disney, Warner Bros., NBC, CBS, as well as Lockheed — what wonderful stories to tell, all decades ago! Since it’s difficult to just touch on each one, over the next few months I’ll feature stories of the founding and histories of these companies to cover the growth of the City of Burbank to where it is today! I wish all of you a bright sunny exciting summer ahead. If you have any historical stories to share, you may contact me at barbeedee@yahoo.com.

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