A Dog to Adore You – A Cat to Ignore You

Courageous the Cat.

Courageous the Cat.

For all you animal lovers out there, what pets do you have in your home? Having both cats and dogs, I suggest adopting a pet from one of the many local Los Angeles animal shelters. There are so many wonderful animals out there that need a loving home and will give you their love in return. Did you know that just having a loving pet around can actually lower your blood pressure?

Recently I learned through the LA Animal Services some interesting news that will help in finding Fido, once your favorite doggie has slipped out and left the family for a casually long stroll on his own. Suddenly he has lost his way and left us bewildered and looking at an empty yard. Thank heaven there is no more need for panic as we now have the microchip to aid us in the hunt to help us recover our best friend safely back home.

What is the microchip and how does it work? Well friends, the microchip is less than the size of a grain of rice and is completely harmless. In the same way your pet receives a vaccination, the microchip is painlessly injected just under the skin of any animal, usually in the scruff of the neck between the shoulder blades where it will remain safely there for life with no worry or discomfort to your pet. No pain, but lots of gain.

Each microchip contains a registered number that connects to a national database where the pet owner’s name, address, and phone number is stored. The microchip is easily read by scanners currently used by most veterinaries and animal organizations. Still your pet should have his or her own collar with an identification tag, but they can sometimes easily fall off.



Once your animal has been found, all one needs to do is to take your lost pet to a local vet or animal shelter. If they are not equipped with scanners, they will automatically contact an LA Animal Services Shelter where after a quick search of the pet database, the animal’s owner can be contacted. If you are looking to adopt a cat or dog from one of their shelters, they will have a microchip. Remember though, if you move it is important to change your address with the microchip company in case your pet gets lost. Your best friend will soon be back at home and your mind will be free from panic. Even cute little bunny rabbits can have a microchip.

Here’s an inside view from the days before the microchip, when this writer was a frequent guest at our favorite ranch San Simeon, or Wyntoon where Mr. Hearst always invited this scribe for a vacation. Back in the day he had many special animals included in his private menagerie and zoo at San Simeon. Since I was a guest at both places many times, I loved the country style at Wyntoon, forbidden to the public was this secluded paradise for those lucky enough to be invited.

The signs along the long winding road climbing up to San Simeon read, “Animals have the right of way.” There were also specially designed gates we would pass through to help keep the precious charges within their enormous mountain enclosure.

Of course their special pets were their dachshunds, Little Helen and Gandhi who sat on their laps and went with them everywhere. Mr. Hearst was devoted to Little Helen and Gandhi was always with Marion Davies. One day I went to pet Gandhi when she was sitting in Aunt Marion’s lap. We had been talking away and I reached over to pet Gandhi and she snarled and showed me her sharp white glistening teeth. I quickly reached back. Aunt Marion said, “Hush Gandhi, now you know Patricia and she is not trying to hurt me so be nice to her.” Needless to say I kept my distance no matter how sweet and adorable she looked sitting on her lap. Mr. Hearst and Aunt Marion were devoted animal lovers and delighted in their great menagerie. I’m sure they would be the first to say adopt a pet and give it a loving home and you will be blessed many times over with their love.


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