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At the moment, I’m very excited! I have just finished writing my first novel, Flashbacks Through a Purple Haze. I feel the book is an insightful coming of age story, coupled with a touching tale of growing old. What’s more, it’s a love story. The potent plot is a portrait of western society by way of intriguing flashbacks experienced by an ageing anthropologist.

The madcap story line involves a radical young draft dodger who joins the Psychedelic Army, commits treason and then spends 1967 – the “Summer of Love” – hiding from the FBI in Haight/Ashbury. It mixes sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with a staggering anthropological analysis of western culture.

Since I’m trying to create a buzz about the book I’m giving a copy to all my readers who ask. Just send me an e-mail. And, I’ll send any of my readers an online copy of the book.

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter.

I can hardly believe it. Today is my birthday! How did time go by so fast? It seems like yesterday, I was only seventeen. And even though I don’t feel like it; I’m currently sixty years old. Over these years a river of water has passed under my bridge. Some of the torrent was extremely hot! Some of it incredibly cold… A lot of the water was mixed with tears! While, much of it was simply lukewarm and hung out to dry…

Since you’re hopefully going to read this unconventional book, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Dr. Steven Oliver Shaw Ph.D. I’ve been working as a psychological anthropologist for about five years now. Currently, I’m writing a research paper on the beneficial use of mind altering drugs, and their association with healing certain mental illnesses in tribal societies. At present, I’m preparing to leave for South America to carry out epic research on this noteworthy and significant subject matter. During the next eighteen months, I’ll be living with the Kofan tribe (Los Cofanes). More to the point of my research, these natives employ shamans. These men are spiritualists, as well as of healers. They use an incredibly powerful mind altering mixture of organic substances, called Yage. These shamans utilize this mystical mixture in curative ceremonies, also in the course of their religious rituals…

The old-school administration at the foundation where I am receiving my current research grant, considers me a bit off balanced. Maybe, even a little mad! You see, I still have notably long gray hair, along with a full beard. I also have the feeling a selection of my cynical friends think, I’m a genuine screwball. The product of a miss-spent idiosyncratic youth… “I totally disagree!” I have no regrets or apologies for my past life. And I will not make atonement, or voice penance for my indulgences or indiscretions. It was merely the radical times, along with my yearning to make the world a better place. For I was a rebel who was sure he had a cause… You see, when I was an adolescent, I lived in one of the most earth-shattering, forward-thinking cultures on the planet; we were the authentic “Wild Bunch!”

My life back then…Was like a madcap pipedream, swirling around in some type of candid reality… I took a magnificent adventure through the Doors of Perception! Where I embraced “True Love”… Brawled with Hell’s Angles! Participated in love orgies! Partied with Janis Joplin! Even met George Harrison… To top it all off! I opened in concert for the The Grateful Dead. Plus, I did all this, before I was nineteen years old.

Kevin McKenna is an award winning filmmaker/social scientist and the executive director of IDEAS (Investigative Documentaries Educating American Society), a 501c Non-profit Corporation. If you have any comments, ideas or need more information on how you can help or contribute, please call him at (818) 588-3047 or e-mail ideasfilm@charter.net.

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