A little about music mentor/ educator Feef Mooney

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The musician and independent producer teaches guitar, bass and beginning piano

Feef Mooney has written songs all of her life. She appropriated her mother’s guitar and started playing when she was just 10-years-old.

When she attended Harvard University, she was seen and heard in the Boston underground, playing folk music, often with tin whistles and a banjo. Playing hooky from university must have paid off, as she returned to her native Scotland and was soon discovered playing her own songs on a street corner in Edinburgh. A production house invited her to record, and soon 12 songs were on their way to London.

Within a year, she was offered a publishing deal. Her first band, Feef and The Refugees, played across Scotland to popular acclaim.

Fast forward two years, and Mooney was discovered by Yamaha Music, at Abbey Road, where she and her band played in the famous White Room. Mooney represented the United Kingdom in Japan where she performed as part of a world music festival. One deal led to another. Soon, she was offered legal representation in Los Angeles, and relocated there to work with producer Richard Perry (Harry Nilsson, the Pointer Sisters) and Rondor Music/Universal.

Fast forward to 2018.

Feef Mooney is an independent producer and mentor, who also teaches guitar, bass and beginning piano. She has had clients for over 15 years, and there is room for you, too! “Whatever your musical situation, we can work together to make your experiences richer and easier and more fun!” she says. “Don’t be afraid to reach out!”

You can call or text (323) 251-1215 for more information. Check out MusicForLifeCoaching.com and FeefMooney.com. You may also email happmus@roadrunner.com.


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