A Marriage Proposal for the Next Lifetime


Dear Readers,

I’m just starting to write my sixth book, and anyone who’s done very much writing knows it’s very difficult to start.
My darling friend Adela Rogers St. Johns, when she was 92 years old, told me she had such a problem getting started on her books. This woman, who was the White House correspondent to six presidents and had great access to the White House, was having difficulty starting her book! So I’ve never felt too badly after hearing that.
The woman’s name is so famous for everything she did, and she had a great sense of humor to go with it. She lived in a cottage in Malibu, and on a Merv Griffin Show we did together, Merv laughed in his own inimitable way and said, “Adela, you’re too young to have so many wrinkles. Why don’t you have some removed?”
Jokingly, but also seriously, she pointed a finger at Merv and said, “I’ve earned each one of these wrinkles with wonderful, wonderful memories!” 
I looked at Merv and said, “Right here, on the air, I will propose marriage to Adela for my next lifetime!” She laughed heartily and said, as she was autographing a book to me, “I’m writing my response in your book. I’m saying, ‘To Kenny


It’s an honor to be asked to autograph this. Bless us both, and I am accepting your proposal for the next life – with great anticipation.’”
I remember many times visiting her at the beach, and a neighbor used to say to me, “Kenny, I don’t have to set my morning clock. At the exact hour of 9 this great lady starts at her typewriter.” That is dedication.
Then, one year when I had my own television show on Saturday nights, I had my darling Adela on as a guest. During our time together I said, “Many people think that aviatrix Amelia Earhart is ‘dead’, in their words. My answer is that she is very much alive and living with another well-known woman, a sports figure, about 90 minutes from here.”
Adela, with a twinkle in her eye, said “No, I think it might take a few extra minutes to get there.” This trusted newswoman confirmed my belief that Earhart had not perished in an accident, or disappeared, as the world thought. During a commercial break, Adela and I shared the information that it was indeed Palm Springs where Earhart was living. She may have disappeared but it was by choice.
Hillary Swank is portraying Amelia Earhart in a new film due out later this year, and I’ll be eager to see what conclusions the filmmakers reach about Earhart’s fate.
Back to Adela, I attended many author luncheons as a guest speaker at the famed Ambassador Hotel, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and in Newport Beach. These were created by Margaret Burk and Marylin Hudson to honor Adela and were called the Adela Rogers St. Johns Round Table West Luncheons. Adela herself attended on several occasions. One time, her luncheon friends who had seen my “proposal” on Merv Griffin’s show were vying to be bridesmaids at our next-lifetime wedding! One bridesmaid-contender heading the list was socialite and philanthropist Sybil Brand.
One last tip on writing if you’re having difficulty starting:  I went to school with Jack Hemingway. His famous father Ernest Hemingway had told him when his mind was blank and he couldn’t start a novel, that he would put a blank piece of paper in the typewriter and type his name and address. Just hearing the keyboard action apparently got his creativity flowing.
Enough of my reminiscences, for now, let’s move on to one of your many letters:

Dear Kenny:

I’m a 29-year-old woman, and I have been married for six years. From the start of our marriage, my husband Ted knew that I wanted a baby. In fact, he promised me when we got engaged that we’d have a baby soon because he knew how much it meant to me to be a mother.
But, since then, he keeps saying, “We have plenty of time for that.” Somehow, and I know you’ll believe me, my mother, who passed away three years ago, keeps  coming to me in spirit when I’m knitting, and saying, “Please Darling – have the baby soon. I want to become a grandmother and whether you know it or not, you haven’t that much time left. Your clock is slowing down.”
What should I do to convince my husband that my mother comes to me with this message? And, how can I change his mind so we can get pregnant NOW?


Dear Sweet Spirit Dora:

Simply explain to your husband about the knitting incidents. Like many people, he may not believe you at first because he himself has not had a spirit encounter. But he should at least tolerate your belief.
Please also tell him that if you don’t have a baby of your own, you’re going to adopt one. Spirit tells me he will not accept the adoption idea and will instead repeat the “we’ve got plenty of time” answer.
If he really loves you, he’ll realize what a beautiful part of you could be presented in that bundle of joy. Tell him that your marriage is thinning out, as is your patience, and you will give him until Easter to change his mind and act upon it.
Otherwise, I’m afraid you may have to conclude that your marriage is through, since you continuously disagree on such a vital issue.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit www.kennykingston.org.

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