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“Elizabeth & Aileen” — Dylan pays homage to the activism of late Elizabeth Taylor’s fight for AIDS awareness and for his love of her daughter-in-law, who has GettLove for the homeless here in Los Angeles.

Native Angeleno Dylan Bocanegra, whose love for art started on the walls of the one-bedroom apartment he shared with his mother, opened his nine piece show, A Mother’s Nature, in New York City at M.O.M. (Museum of Motherhood) on March 5. The show will remain in tribute to International Women’s Day and mothers for the entire month.

This young artist was taught to never give up and through mentors of the Big Brother Big Sisters, East Valley YMCA, excellent teachers, and one vigilante parent — Eva-Marie Fredric — young Bocanegra climbed the ladders of the public school system to attain his dreams while making a difference.

Dylan makes his NYC debut in Manhattan’s Upper East Side (401 E. 84th Street) by showcasing an array of stencils, cut and sprayed entirely by hand, that accentuate his starkly impressive tribute to mothers, from the homeless to the famous to his own — making the nine-piece ensemble personal to this young man. Added are charcoals, illustrative, and multi-media paint.

Founding Director, Joy Rose, invited Dylan to come to New York after seeing his work. She has asked him to create a permanent mural to honor recognizable women who have made amazing changes in history as mothers.

Many images of A Mother’s Nature are from Dylan’s selection from some of our own local mothers as the West Coast greets the East.

Former California First Lady Maria Shriver has loaned her personal piece taken from the walls of her Brentwood office, Lady of California, for this unique month-long show. The stencil embodies the woman herself: a stunning woman born to advocate. Shriver’s causes and dedication to changing our world come from her personal courage, strength, and wisdom.

Dylan’s work with GettLove (www.gettlove.org), Aileen Getty’s homeless organization designed to assist the destitute with love and compassion, has two gifts coming from Bocanegra’s show. A stencil, Lost Mother – Found Child, and a charcoal entitled Elizabeth & Aileen. The stencil is a touching portrait of a mother nursing her infant on the streets while the charcoal shows the loving bond between the late actress and zealous AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor alongside her equally beautiful and impressive daughter-in-law Aileen Getty.

Counting Fingers shows his Nana Jean Friedrick as a mother of a different color as well as his own mother, Eva-Marie Fredric, with A Mother’s Nature and Birth Awaits – Death Begins. The multi-media pieces are based on photographs of his mother when she was pregnant with him, bathing him, and his grandmother holding him as an infant.

Dylan’s other pieces include Enduring Friendship with Sophie Caan (97) with friend Elvera Stillwell (92). These women are the mothers of his friends: brothers Ronnie and James Caan and Jim Stillwell of Impact House. Tux ‘n Tails gives a nod to Manhattan producer, Marvin Kahan’s mother, Evelyn Kahan (95). Bocanegra’s Women in Transitions is a sensually primitive crayon with charcoal study of three women blossoming at different transitions in their own life cycle.

At age 17, Dylan drew a 6’x6’ mural paying homage to the Indiana Jones series and it hangs in Santa Monica’s private pilot terminal at Atlantic Aviation. Throughout the years, Editor in Chief Mardi Rustam has sat with Dylan, encouraging a small boy and giving the then teen his first office job while a sophomore at LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts) and he has watched Dylan become a man who still strives to make a difference with his work and his life.

Dylan Bocanegra is what our cities strive for in their youth. Strong, intelligent, talented, and with great heart and courage, Bocanegra raised his own bar to be accepted into Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design. We live in a time where the inner cities have lost their dividing lines between the rich and the poor and where drugs, alcohol, and gangs walk among us.

His artwork will show for the entire month of March at the M.O.M. (www.mommuseum.org) and also pays tribute to Women’s International Day.

Dylan’s blogspot: http://dbocanegrart.blogspot.com/?zx=358c553faeff761e. For more information, visit www.mommuseum.org or contact Dylan Bocanegra at dbocanegra@hotmail.com.

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