A New Look in the New Year: Fashion Head to Toe

Anthony Franco designs.

Anthony Franco designs.

As we say goodbye to 2012, it’s never too soon to look ahead to Spring/Summer fashions for 2013. The most recent L.A. Fashion Weekend event put the focus on the latest collections from acclaimed and emerging designers. The three-day runway extravaganza held at the Sunset Gower Studios propelled new trends into the spotlight as an audience of fashion industry denizens, buyers, stylists, and press enjoyed the shows.

Among the highly anticipated lines featured over the weekend was Anthony Franco’s 2013 Spring Collection, and his runway showcase did not disappoint. He is a designer who creates sharp suits and beautiful dresses that came to life on the stunning male and female models. Yet his styles are very wearable, just ask celebrities Selena Gomez and Ashley Greene who have been seen in his designs.

The trends that emerged in his collection were fabrics that flowed; neutrals, metallics, and splashes of blues; a retro look for men, yet some three-piece suits in forward-thinking floral and plaid prints; and there was a classic elegant goddess look for women’s evening wear, complete with headbands to complete the crowning achievement.

Chatting with Franco after the show, he told me his inspiration starts with “trying to be interesting with the fabrics and the textures, because I love mixing different materials together. It takes me longer to find the fabrics than it does for me to design the collection. Getting the color palette right is hard too, but I thought of a butterfly and its colors and went from there.”

The fashion festival featured a lot of creative styles. On the runway were innovative collections from Nathanelle Couture, with a distinctive couture style; Dina Bar-El, Parides, g.Kim, Wolfee P, Flynn Skye, and Black Hearts Brigade. Opening night featured a lot of eye-candy with the swimwear lines from Culture Swimwear, always a standout; Amelie, Kate Swim, and Nicolita Havana Nights’ sportswear.

The sensational idea of starting L.A. Fashion Weekend is the brainchild of Mikey Koffman, the CEO of The Gallery Los Angeles. As the dynamo producer of the event, Koffman also presented entertainment, such as the super-hot boy band Midnight Red, to launch runway shows each night.

There could not have been a better vibe created for the three-day event. “It’s a successful merger of Hollywood showmanship and the fashion world,” says East Coast stylist Mary Lou Krewson. From Philadelphia, Krewson is a repeat attendee for the L.A. Fashion Weekend, “because it’s a must-see among those who know that the California fashion trends are the attention grabbers at the red carpet affairs. The designers have a handle on ready-to-wear sexy, chic, and elegant styles.”

Now let’s talk about a great time-saving trend — headbands. It’s a very fashion-forward accessory, “because it can be sporty, traditional, or very sophisticated,” says the headband-style maven Regina von Schack, the creator of Gina Made It headbands, proudly made in the U.S.A.

Comfortable headbands have made a comeback because they are useful, says von Schack, who admits to having very unruly, curly hair. “But the headbands pull it back and keep the wisps away while adding a stylish look in an instant.” The headbands have a delicate look, made with colorful fabrics, vintage velvets, and have the trademark knots that make them more interesting than many others I have seen.

Gina started her own line of handcrafted headbands after creating decorative party headbands for birthday girls and brides-to-be. Her sister would wear her headbands and when friends asked her where she got them, she said, “Gina made it.” Now Von Schack has her Gina Made It headbands in boutiques across the country and online. And she has expanded the line to include KNOTical accessories, for a fashionable look from head to toe.

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