A New Version of a Very Old Mother Goose Rhyme


Hey! diddle diddle, a City Hall
Our “leaders” are trampling the rules.
They waste our money, our rights they ignore.
They betray our trust behind the closed door.
Our Leaders Are Trampling The Rules. They routinely violate Civil Service Rule 1.26. They act as if Charter Sections 541 and 1019(a) don’t exist. They think the voters of Los Angeles made a mistake when they approved a new Charter that retains an active Board of Civil Service Commissioners.
According to our leaders, the Board shouldn’t have the enforcement, oversight and investigative powers that the Charter gives it. They feel those powers should be vested in the Mayor’s office, and the Board should be limited to hearing complaints and appeals.
Following their feelings, our leaders made a conscious decision to ignore the Charter. They stifled the Board, down-sized its role, and usurped its powers. Thus, they nullified the vote of the people and trashed America’s most honored tradition: THE RULE OF LAW!
Our Leaders Are Wasting Our Money. They spend 60 percent of the City budget to support an under-achieving civil service system. Yet, they seem not to understand that mismanaging their most valuable resource—a 4 billion dollar workforce—is bound to waste tax dollars.
Instead of working to make the City organization more efficient, our leaders work to find new revenue streams. And instead of requiring City departments to improve performance management, our leaders give the departments more money to spend.
Following the example set by a former Mayor, our current leaders insist that, “Managers Must Manage.” But by supporting the continued use of archaic, ineffective personnel practices, our leaders are actually letting departments MISMANAGE employee performance—and waste our money!
Our Leaders Ignore Our Rights. Angelenos have a right to expect that civil service employees are hired on probation—that new hires must demonstrate their fitness before they achieve career status, before they gain property rights. But current selection practices make a mockery of those expectations.
Angelenos have a right to expect that the job performance of City employees is reviewed periodically to ensure that employees meet established performance standards. But performance evaluations used in City Service don’t evaluate performance. Moreover, employees’ work isn’t measured against standards.
Angelenos have a right to expect that the City’s policies and practices will encourage employee growth and development. They think, for example, that City employees should be invited to help set performance standards for their own jobs. But our leaders seem content with the status quo.

Hey! Diddle double we’re all in trouble,
The polls are betrayin’ our trust.
If we don’t stand up and fight for ourselves,
They’ll turn our city to dust!

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