A visit from Father Time

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 Just ten days ‘til “70” and all through my head
I can’t conceive I’m this age, I thought I’d be dead.

The days zipped away so fast I can’t stand it,
Robbed of my years by an evil time bandit.

I never imagined my youth would be past,
As quickly as this, it flew by all too fast.

One day a young boy, then a teen,
then a man; Who once wanted girls, now it’s just raisin bran.

One day a young boy, then a teen, then a man
Who once wanted girls, now it’s just raisin bran.

The twelfth of the month means a new decade for me,
So long to the 60’s, howdy-do 70.

Then I started to doze while I sat in my chair
When a foreboding shadow came suddenly near.

I opened my eyes and was startled to see
A bearded old gentleman looking at me.

He was dressed in a robe and carried a scythe,
I had never seen such a sight in my life.

A large hourglass he held filled with white sand
I realized then Father Time was at hand.

With a stare and a gesture he had me arise
And go to my mirror to behold a surprise.

So I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
An old man with gray hair looking right back at me.

The bags ‘neath my eyes were as dark as tar pitch,
The wattle and folds made me look like a witch.

My wrinkles, so many!  My nose, how it grew!
My eyes were like cherries, my lips were quite blue.

The receding hairline and face that is bloated,
Looked every bit as bad as the belly I toted.

To fight back the aging process, what can I do?
A facelift and a tummy tuck might help, it’s true.

Botox and peeling has been tried by a few,
Along with stretching, stapling and using some glue.

There are some folks who apply avocado creams
And there are others who get zapped with laser beams.  

You could spend a fortune, do all that you can do
But eventually Father Time gets the better of you.

As I turned from my mirror I looked back to see
If that old geezer Time was still standing with me.

He was there all right, he never wandered away,
It was then that I knew he was with me to stay.

But I knew at that point I had nothing to dread,
I’m alive and I’m healthy, what more can be said?

Am I still around?  Oh yes, that’s affirmative,
And that’s much preferred to the other alternative.

So I turned and gazed into the old looking glass
I swore to be happy, and stop being an ass.

I’ll accept who I am and forget who I’m not,
I’ll embrace every age and I’ll take my best shot.

To do what I can and to appreciate life
To love all my family especially my wife.

No more self-pity, and I’ll stop feeling so blue
As I wish happy birthday to me and to all of you too!

Greg Crosby is a writer and cartoonist and former executive at the Walt Disney Company.  


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