Actor Judd Lormand: a southern gentleman takes on L.A.

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Judd Lormand is excited to be a part of the Seal Team cast. His character is Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn, a Seal Team Officer. A complex role, Lormand enjoys the challenge: “It is a pleasure to go to work. The cast is terrific and professional, and the man I play is intriguing. He is the liaison between the Brass and the Team, and a real strategist.”

Growing up in Lafayette, Louisiana, Lormand always loved acting. He competed in tournaments in high school and won many. But he believed that if he wanted to work in the business, he would have to leave Louisiana, and he wasn’t ready for that. So, he went on to college, and gave up the idea. For awhile…

After college, he had a mixed bag of jobs: a licensed investment broker, manager of a Hooters restaurant, even worked on offshore oil rigs. Then, one day, a friend mentioned getting a small part in a film shooting in Louisiana. Apparently, more and more production companies were coming to his state. He decided to go for it. He worked hard on the oil rigs for three years to save enough money to give an acting career 100 percent. In 2009, he got married. By 2010 he was getting quite a few parts. Then, in 2015, a new tax plan in Louisiana reduced the number of productions being filmed in his home state. By then, Lormand had a family – a wife, a daughter and twin sons. He packed up his family and moved them to Atlanta in 2016.

Ironically, the pilot for Seal Team was shot in Louisiana last March, and in July the production moved to L.A., so Lormand is living here, and traveling home to his family whenever he can.

Lormand believes that the landscape for becoming an actor has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It isn’t necessary to live in L.A. or New York to find work; there is a lot of filming in many parts of the country. That fact also seems to open more opportunities for other diversities, including older, beginning actors, and for those who don’t live in the filming “hubs.”

Lormand has a few projects coming out in 2018, including Carter and June, an indie film, and An Actor Prepares, a dramedy starring Jeremy Irons. Although he coached actors in the Southeast, Seal Team has kept him too busy here.

This is an actor to watch.


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