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Gabrielle Carteris is running for president of the AFTRA Los Angeles local and is a leader of the AFTRA Leadership Team.

I want to Talk about ALT, the AFTRA Leadership Team, and why I am on their Slate for the upcoming AFTRA election. And I want to talk about merging two of the entertainment world’s great unions, The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA) and The Screen Actors Guild (SAG). It’s finally time for ONE UNION!

The AFTRA Election Ballots are in the mail. Vote now. Right away. And inform your AFTRA friends. The slate of performers running on the AFTRA Leadership Team, is dedicated to having ONE UNION. Pass this word to AFTRA members who have been waiting and waiting for Merger.

In this Media District, homeowners and the merchants are laced with members of SAG and AFTRA and this election affects, in essence, the welfare of our community. Divided unions = loss of income for actors. United, we conquer (well, we deal with greater strength). My passion comes from years of striving for this logical turn of events. Now, vote…


Having been a proud member of both unions for over 55 years is a good thing. Not having One Union is a silly thing. For decades, many of my colleagues and I have questioned the need to have multiple unions for singular work.

So I’m running, again, for the AFTRA National Board and working with the AFTRA Leadership Team that is made up of candidates representing all ages, races, genders, categories and levels of experience. As a group, we are bound by two common threads: we are working performers who bring our in-studio and on-set experience into the boardroom, and we are hard-working, critical thinking policy-makers committed to putting in the time and effort it takes to find innovative solutions in a changing industry.

These are tough times for labor. Now, more than ever, we need unity.


You can meet each individual candidate by going to You Tube, view them and listen to the statements. These are many recognizable professionals and it’s interesting to learn how they invest in the members of their union. Also, Google the website of the AFTRA Leadership Team and learn more than you ever want to know about why ALT works to shape our union’s destiny. And yes, it’s on Facebook. And ALT members are going to locations where actors might be, handing out as many flyers and talking to as many members as possible with the urgent message of unions working together. Together we build it, Together we make it strong, Together we counter Corporate Power with Artistic Power.

There are many strong voices for moving forward. SAG President Ken Howard, who was elected last year on a platform that advocated merger with AFTRA, said, “Joining SAG and AFTRA to create a single union is essential to performers maximizing their power. It’s undoubtedly an idea whose time has come.” AFTRA president Roberta Reardon identifies merger with SAG as “not a goal” but rather “a means to a goal.” She lays out a broad vision for creating a mega-union — a vision that appears to extend beyond simply merging AFTRA and SAG. Roberta acknowledges past failures to join the two unions in 1960, 1998, and 2003, saying that “micro-issues” distracted from the “macro-goal” of building union power. “We will not let history repeat itself.” And so it goes.

Gabrielle Carteris is running for President of the AFTRA Los Angeles Local. She is a lovely actress (known for her role of Andrea Zuckerman in Beverly Hills 90210) and is an extremely smart young woman who knows her contracts and cares about her fellow union members. We are fortunate to have her leading the AFTRA Leadership Team.

Vote please… We’ll Talk.

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