Al Jazeera America — Unfair and Unbalanced


Well, it happened last month, on Tuesday, Aug. 20. The official launch of Al Jazeera America. Finally, a news channel for America-haters, Western civilization-haters, Elite Progressives, Muslim Brotherhood supporters, AND Jew-haters. Propaganda TV at its best.

As you might recall, in December 2012, the Al Jazeera network, which is owned by the Arab government of Qatar, purchased the American cable network Current TV from Al Gore and his investor group. The former vice president pocketed an estimated $100 million from that transaction. Al Gore, what a guy! Always in it for the betterment of mankind … if by mankind you mean Al Gore.

In its opening day promo, Al Jazeera America featured Hillary Clinton and John McCain praising the network. I get the Hillary connection, but why McCain? Maybe some kind of weird political quid pro quo? Who knows.

But the important thing is, at last we have a news network which helps promote Sharia law into the very heartland of our country. Now home-grown jihadists can get their hate-filled news coverage from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea. Al Jazeera is the exact opposite of Fox News. Unfair and unbalanced.

Remember, Al Jazeera does not represent the many good, honest American-Muslims who go about their daily business, love the American way of life, and don’t wish harm on anyone. Al Jazeera has a radical Middle Eastern agenda.

All through the years when we were fighting terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Jazeera had a decidedly anti-American bias, known as the mouthpiece for al Qaeda and inciting violence against U.S. troops. It has always been a pro-radical, anti-West news service. Just last month 22 staff members at Al Jazeera’s Egyptian news operation resigned to protest what anchor Karem Mahmoud described as the network’s “biased coverage” that skews their reporting of recent events in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mahmoud, now the former anchor at Egypt’s Al Jazeera news operation, said that “the management of [Al Jazeera] in Doha [Qatar] provokes sedition among the Egyptian people and has an agenda against Egypt and other Arab countries.” At every broadcast, Mahmoud said “there are instructions to us to telecast certain news” that casts the Muslim Brotherhood in a favorable light.

Ah yes. Al Jazeera is the very same network that threw a birthday party for a terrorist child-killer a few years ago. As reported by Fox News’ Brit Hume in July of 2008, “The Arab news network Al Jazeera celebrated the birthday of released Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar with a cake and fireworks. The Middle East Media Research Institute reports that Kuntar, who shot an Israeli child’s father in front of her, and then beat her to death with his rifle, was given a hero’s welcome on the network.”

Yes indeed. This is the same network that ignored the rape of an American journalist in Tarhir Square during the so-called “Arab Spring.” The same network that has continually refused to report on terror attacks against Israeli civilians and uses its website to publish anti-Jewish articles, the latest one just this last May. That particular piece got so much criticism that Al Jazeera quickly removed it after just a few days saying they “should have done better.” Probably meaning they should have done better not to get caught with their biases sticking out so conspicuously.

In many respects Al Jazeera America will be no worse than CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, or the New York Times in its reportage biases. Which is to say, clearly anti-American, anti-Israeli, and anti-Jewish. In other words, just your run-of-the-mill mainstream media news source.

I can hear the station promos now: “Sharia … it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.” “Akbar 24/7.” “Must-see TV … or we’ll kill you.” “Al Jazeera, we report, you obey.”

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