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Good morning, students. Today’s rant will be focused on our universities and colleges. Our esteemed beacons of higher education! Getting a college education once meant expanding one’s knowledge; broadening one’s views and better understanding the world around us. Once upon a time, American universities had professors who actually were teachers of wisdom and seekers of truth. Ah, but that was in the “good old days.” The universities are now much more concerned with political correctness, revisionist history, and tolerance and diversity indoctrination than they are in actual truth.

A case in point, brought out in The Wall Street Journal, is a recent interview that took place on public television with Leo Martinez, the dean of the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. He was speaking in defense of his school’s policy which requires the Christian Legal Society to admit non-Christians and homosexuals and lesbians if it wants to be recognized as an official student group. Check out what Mr. Martinez said in that interview.

Question: “Would a student chapter of, say, B’nai B’rith, a Jewish Anti-Defamation League, have to admit Muslims?”

Mr. Martinez: “The short answer is yes.”

Question: “A black group would have to admit white supre-macists?”

Mr. Martinez: “It would.”

Question: “Even if it means a black student organization is going to have to admit members of the Ku Klux Klan?”

Mr. Martinez: “Yes.”

Question: “You can see where that might cause some consternation?”

Consternation indeed! Consternation? It’s Alice in Wonderland insanity! It is this irrationality, this complete stupidity which is an end result of the policy of all-inclusive campus “diversity.” It turns logic and reason upside-down and in so doing actually does much more harm than good. Why even have Christian clubs at all if those clubs must admit non-Christians? The same goes for any other group’s club. What’s the point? And if in time, more non-Christians wind up in the club than there are Christians in the club, is that club still considered Christian? Take it even further. What if after awhile, there are NO Christians in the club. Is it still a Christian club? It’s politically correct tolerance gone completely nuts!

Weighing in on this, Supreme Court Justice Scalia found the idea of forcing a campus Republican club to admit Democrats “weird.” Yeah, I’d say that. It goes against all notions of logic. This tolerance and diversity nonsense would be hysterically funny if it were not taken so seriously by the powers that be. The fact that this idiocy is actually happening on campuses today all across the country makes it deadly serious and in a larger sense, frightening when you consider that this is what young people are being taught.

A Jewish Anti-Defamation club must admit anti-Semites. A black club must admit white supre-macists. A Republican club must admit Democrats. The dean of a law school actually says this stuff on national television! To embrace this thinking is to take reason and logic and throw them out the window. Why doesn’t everybody in the world see that this doesn’t make sense?

Oh yeah, it’s freakin’ Alice in Wonderland time in America. It’s as if the Mad Hatter is making the rules now. Let’s appoint the March Hare Secretary of Logic and Reason. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum could be the twin heads of state. For Homeland Security Secretary let’s replace Janet Napolitano with the Queen of Hearts, even though I realize it’s not a big switch. And for president? Well, for president I have to leave Alice in Wonderland and go to another source.

Considering the crazy convoluted logic in our society today, I hereby nominate for president actor Hugh Herbert. Those of you over the age of 80 will get this, for everyone else I will explain. Hugh Herbert worked in loads of Warner Bros. comedy pictures of the ‘30s usually impersonating often eccentric millionaires, tycoons and dimwitted professors. His trademark gestures were blinking, rolling his head around, and fluttering all his fingers together, usually accompanied by his other trademark – making a “woo-woo!” exclamation. Check out a bunch of Warner Bros. comedies from the ‘30s and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh yes. This is the president that fits right in with what is happening on college campuses, and in society in general today. Unfortunately, Hugh Herbert is no longer with us, so I guess we’ll just have to make due with Barack Obama. But that kinda works when you think about it, except that Obama wears better suits. “WOO-WOO!”

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