All Things are Possible if You Only Believe


Dear Sweet Spirits, this column is about how your dreams can come true. If you want something badly enough, visualize it and believe in it strongly enough, it may well materialize.
The other evening I was invited to a black tie dinner party in honor of the hostess, and for my great friend, Princess Magda Maldini of Venice, Italy. The Princess was visiting Los Angeles and Santa Barbara before returning to her villa on the Grand Canal.  She invited me to visit her in the summertime so we could visit the Lido de Venezia beach. 
It was there that I was in the Army teaching at the 88th Infantry Division’s Lido Study Center, which was the West Point of Europe. I taught enlisted men to be non-comm.’s and officers. But more about this in the 7th book I’m writing, called I Knew Them All from A to Z.
Several people at the party said they’d heard me on radio and television speaking about Venice and about meeting the Duke and Duchess of Windsor there. I told them that when I was a very little boy I was fascinated by the banner headline in all newspapers throughout the world, “King Edward VIII Abdicates the Throne for the Woman He Loves.” Of course the woman was Baltimore-born Wallis Warfield Simpson.
Now here’s where a dream of mine came true. After reading the headline as a child, I told myself and anyone who’d listen, “Someday I’ll meet them.” Sometime later, I was with my mom and dad going from our home in New York to our beach house in Canada. As we approached the toll booth bordering the U.S. and Canada, we heard screeching sirens and saw a motorcade speeding along in the opposite direction. As we got to the toll booth, my dad asked the attendant what the sirens were for. “Oh, that was the Duke and Duchess of Windsor,” he said. “They’re leaving Canada and going to the airport.”
I thought to myself, “I got that close to them. Now I’m sure I’ll meet them in person one day.”
Then, when I was a young man on the Lido in Venice, in addition to teaching, actor Dan Dailey and I were in the Special Services together. We were in charge of the most luxurious beach in the world. One afternoon I was walking alone on the beach in my bathing suit when I passed a stout lady walking in a dress with her hosiery rolled down. I smiled and said, “Hello – isn’t the beach and the weather perfect today?” She smiled and said, “Oh my, you’re an American.” 
“Yes,” I answered. I told her my duties in the Army and then, as I still do today when meeting people, I began giving her psychic messages. I said, “You’ll be going back to Paris in two weeks with your friends.” She said, “Yes I will – are you a fortune teller?” “I guess you could say that,” I replied. 
“I’m living right across the street in that tall villa,” she said, “with a lady who loves to know her fortune. Would you like to meet this famous lady?” she asked. I told her I would.
“Then can you come for tea at three o’clock tomorrow?” she asked. I told her I would, and jokingly added, “I’ll bring my crystal ball.” As we walked away from one another, I said, “Oh, by the way, my name is Kenny Kingston.” She said, “And my name is Elsa Maxwell.” In case anyone is unaware who Miss Maxwell was, she was one of the most famous party givers in the world. 
The next day at 3, I rang the doorbell of the villa facing the beach and the Adriatic Sea. Presently a houseman welcomed me in and then Miss Maxwell joined me. I said, “Does the lady I’m going to meet have the initial S?” “No,” she smiled, “but she used to.” We walked into the library, and she offered me a drink. I declined, saying that I couldn’t have spirits both inside and out (I never have a drink when giving a psychic reading).
Soon, the door opened and we stood. Miss Maxwell said, “Kenny Kingston, may I present Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Windsor.” As I took the extended hand of the Duchess I truly felt Heaven had come to me. My dream had become a reality.
As I told this story at the recent dinner party, one of the guests said, “But she wasn’t royal, was she?” I told her that she wasn’t but as Miss Maxwell told me later, the Duke insisted that everyone call her Her Royal Highness. He, of course, retained the title of His Royal Highness, but the monarchy refused to bestow the royal title on this twice-divorced woman.
Their correspondence from the monarchy was always addressed to His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor and Her Highness, the Duchess of Windsor.
Soon, I was introduced to His Royal Highness, who only briefly said hello and excused himself because he was late for a golf game. The Duchess, I would learn, believed strongly in the spirit world. His Royal Highness mostly tolerated my readings for the sake of the woman he adored.
When I later gave him readings, I touched his crest ring in order to do psychometry, the art of touching an object and picking up psychic vibrations from it.  How I marveled at the fact that that ring had stamped many important and historical documents!
When I give readings, I call people by their given name. What a treat to call this former king “David.” And he enjoyed it, too, I believe, judging by the twinkle in his eyes.
I would go on to give them readings on several occasions, at the Waldorf Towers in New York and at the Beverly Hills Hotel. One time, I asked the Duke where he felt his home was, since they traveled so much. Unhesitatingly he answered, “Home is where my Duchess is.” 
I asked the Duchess what advice she’d have for women throughout the world and she said, “I’d tell them don’t complain and you’ll never have to explain.”
One afternoon I was sitting with the Duchess and Elsa in the Waldorf Towers. The Duchess was talking about writing a book. Elsa said something to her and the Duchess responded, “The heart has its reasons.” Elsa said, “Wally – that’s a perfect title for your book!” Apparently it was, because the book became a bestseller soon after publishing. It was always a treat to be in the company of the Duke (and more frequently) the Duchess of Windsor, fulfilling a lifelong dream.
So, Sweet Spirits, dare to dream, whether it’s to own your own home, have a child, enter politics, or become an artist. Never give up believing in yourself. And I invite you to share my motto:  “Only Believe; All Things are Possible if you Only Believe.”
Next time, we’ll return to answering your letters.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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