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By Patty Schaller

Dr. Nathan Moon.

When a patient comes to AM Acupuncture and Herbs, he is not just treated by Dr. Nathan S. Moon, he is the recipient of the wisdom of hundreds of years of Oriental Medical practitioners.

Dr. Moon uses acupuncture and herbs which have no side effects or chemicals, and which have been proven to be safe and effective. He believes that once he has identified the cause of a patient’s problem, he can then use acupuncture and herbs to correct it. The “AM” in the business name refers to Aetiology Medicine, or the study of the fundamental causes of physical problems.

“Western medicine uses expensive machines to diagnose,” Dr. Moon explains. “Oriental Medicine finds the problem based on Aetiology. For example, we take a detailed history and examine face color and tongue color among other things. We do not take the pulse the way Western medicine does. The pulse tells us many things about the condition of the patient.

“As an acupuncturist, I don’t just put needles into the skin. I listen to what the body tells me.

“In modern society,” Dr. Moon says, “most disease is caused by digestive tract problems – stomach issues. Even things like asthma, edema, and headaches. The GI tract absorbs the nutrients of the food we eat. But it also absorbs the chemicals that are used in fast foods. Those things don’t go out. They stay and cause problems. We cannot use chemicals to cure the effects of chemicals. We use acupuncture and herbs.”

Dr. Moon uses the best quality Korean and Chinese herbs. The formulas he prepares individually for each patient have no side effects and no chemicals. They are natural, effective, and safe. Each herbal preparation takes 3-4 hours to make. They are taken one hour after meals twice a day.

A graduate of traditional and Oriental medicines, Dr. Moon has a PhD from Yuin University and has been practicing for over 20 years.

AM Acupuncture and Herbs accept insurance and hosts a donation clinic on Tuesdays for those who cannot afford the regular prices.

The first visit is $80, the second visit is $40, and the herbal formulas are $160 for 14 treatments a week. For further information or to register for the donation clinic, please go to the website at

AM Acupuncture and Herbs is located at 10745 Riverside Dr. Ste. A in Toluca Lake. The phone number is (818) 980-1105.

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