Amoro: Saving Breasts with Bling


Stephen Crane, CEO Amoro.

While we have been saluting National Breast Cancer Awareness month, one of our own has sadly been diagnosed with the disease. E! Network anchor, Guliana Rancic underwent a double lumpectomy last week. She is expected to do well, because of early detection.

Many companies are doing what they can to find a cure. We caught up with Stephen Crane, CEO, Amoro Fine Jewelry. Phoning from his home in the Bahamas, the compassionate British entrepreneur gave us the dish.

To recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Amoro has introduced a limited edition: The Hope bracelet. His company donates $20 from each bracelet sold. Half goes to “Feel Your Boobies,” a non-profit organization that campaigns to remind young women to examine their breasts.

Amoro is also donating $10 (from each bracelet) to the Young Survival Coalition, that works with survivors, caregivers, and medical research and legislative communities to increase the quality of life for women under 40 diagnosed with the disease.

“I have had breast cancer plague family members and it probably affects everybody. It’s a personal thing for me.”

Even fundraising comes with change. “Our popular stunning sterling silver bracelet with a heart has changed its color,” Mr. Crane said. “The heart was red, but we thought to do something different this year. It’s now pink.”

Amoro’s Hope Bracelet.

The bracelet sells for about $75, a steal for cultured freshwater white. Since Amoro purchased the product at a very completive price, it is able to sell it reasonably.

Because the Caribbean is a romantic destination, Mr. Crane thought a jewelry biz would work well. As a young boy, he migrated from the UK. Years later, he opened his first fine jewelry store, Columbian Emeralds International. The luxury brand spread like wildfire from island to island and eventually spanned to Alaska and on quality cruise lines. In 1996, Amoro was born. Since, it has developed into an online experience, keeping with the times.

“Most people start a jewelry brand — designers, manufacturers — out of necessity. I look at it from the front end – watching special times of peoples’ lives. It’s all about precious memories. There’s a lot of romance here.

“Like most businesses, the jewelry industry is taking a major hit with the country’s economic situation. People are being a little bit more conscious about how they’re spending. We’re sensing that they are moving away from impulse purchases. I think people are using the Internet more.

“I also feel that the jewelry industry is concentrating on the important events in people’s lives (in addition to engagements and anniversaries, also birthdays and graduations), rather than the frivolous. Gold and diamonds have increased in price rather significantly. There is a much greater emphasis on fine design.“

Last year, he sold his share of Columbian Emeralds International with some 40 odd stores.

The word Amoro is a marriage of the Latin words for love and gold. If ever there was a lovelier combo! Ivanka Trump created a shoe with the same name. “She copied us. Who can blame her?”

Sue Facter owns a news agency that specializes in the luxury brand. Her work has appeared in USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Women’s Day Australia, on broadcasts and the web.

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