An Endorsement: Steve Cooley for California State Attorney General


About two years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Steve Cooley. I’d read about him, and I knew he was the L.A.County District Attorney. But I didn’t know very much about the man or his accomplishments.

My initial impression was positive. Cooley is not your traditional politician. He talks plainly and answers questions directly. He’s modest in talking about the changes he’s made in the way the District Attorney’s office works. I got the distinct impression that he enjoys his job — that he’s not a headline hunter and seems to not be overly ambitious.

What really persuaded me to endorse him is his fierce commitment to holding public officials accountable. It was Steve Cooley who established the Public Integrity Division in the DA’s office. That Division was established specifically to guard against public corruption. It was established to enforce the Brown Act, which requires that public business be conducted in public. PID was established to prosecute self-serving pols who make deals behind closed doors.

In my opinion, Steve Cooley is a model public servant; he does his job to the best of his ability. And when I learn that slimy politicians in Vernon and Bell, etc. are going to jail, I know why I want Steve Cooley to be California’s next Attorney General.

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