An Open Letter to the Mayor on the Need to Restore Civil Service in L.A.


The word is, “transparency.” It means “open, honest, without pretense and deceit.” America’s new president uses that word a lot. He’s committed to openness and honesty as a way of restoring public trust in government
Americans expect the business of government to be conducted in public. They want public issues to be decided after public debate. They don’t trust officials who make decisions in secret or who refuse to explain the reasons for their decisions.
Thus, while you’ve tried to keep it a secret, those who know you’re hijacking the Board of Civil Service Commissioners (and I’m one of them) are mad as hell. We feel you’ve betrayed us. And we want you to know how we feel. So this little rhyme is for you:

Oh yes, you’re a Great Pretender
You said you’d be there for us
We trusted you; you lied to us
It’s time we whack the Pretender,
It’s time we dump the Dissembler.

Moreover, Mr. Mayor, a growing number of Angelenos would like your response to the following questions:
If the Board is no longer allowed to enforce civil service regulations, who is currently enforcing those regulations?
If the Board is no longer allowed to investigate rule violations, who is currently investigating such violations?
If the Board is no longer allowed to oversee the City’s civil service system, who is currently overseeing that system?

Angelenos are beginning to see you as a mindless member of the Riordan gang. They worry about the future of Civil Service in Los Angeles. They wanted you to be a real CEO. And frankly, they’re disappointed that you’ve turned out to be just another charismatic politician.

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