April in Paris


JJ is ready for a Paris stroll on Rue Dauphine in front of the Hotel D’Aubusson and their Jazz Bar, Café Laurent.

DATELINE: PARIS: I want to talk about a great standard sung by my darling friend Doris Day (who just celebrated an important birthday), and one of the best times (and a best place to be) in one of the best cities in the world.

If you want to hear Doris chatting in person, and singing “April in Paris” and other hits, visit DorisDayTribute.com. Then be mellow. I was lucky enough to be a part of this. It’s a thrill every year. And, I know Doris, a former Tolucan, reads this dear paper, so my darling girl, carry on with your lovely and loving life. I’ll be thinking of you in Paris…


 Were “railing” this trip. From London’s St. Pancras station, the majestic Eurostar allowed us to settle into cushy seats, sip champagne and swiftly hurtle under the English Channel to Paris. We took a taxi to our most special hotel, the Left Bank’s once-upon-a-time palace, the Hotel d’Aubusson. This boutique four-star luxury gem is in the center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. A short dazzling walk to the attractions of the lovely Left Bank and a bridge away from the Right Bank, while passing by Notre Dame, is our favorite special bridge Pont Neuf, the oldest and best bridge in Paris. (It’s where David thought of re-connecting with me after 50 years apart. He found me via the Tolucan Times—go figure.)

POUTING IN PARIS? I could be pining for home and local happenings. I’m in Paris and Irma la Douce will be at MTG. Is something backwards? I’ll be missing both my children’s birthdays. But, they are grown up now. I guess I have to grow up too. Not too difficult with the warm welcome and super-helpful reception staff at the Hotel d’Aubusson. They are the best and their help in arranging almost anything in Paris is like the hotel itself, perfect! We feel it’s like returning to our own private stately home. It used to be a 17th century gem—still boasts original beams, Versailles parquet floors, and priceless Aubusson tapestries. Today, it’s up to the minute and beyond with all the comforts of contemporary living. The online reviews at their website are full of delighted praise. The congenial and caring director, Walter Waeterloos, has put his own interior design talents to work and has made the best even better. As always, once settled into our choice room with a tiny balcony overlooking the colorful rue Dauphine, we took our favorite walk along the Seine, to explore the neighborhood art galleries, antique stores and the marvelous “food street”, rue de Buci.

At night, after a memorable dinner at one of the many cafés and restaurants right on our block, we return to the d’Aubusson’s Café Laurent. There’s jazz on the long Paris weekends. Such excellent musicians, their ensemble is loved by Parisians and guests alike.
Their generous and delicious buffet breakfast prepares us for a long rambling day, walking to our must-revisit spots in this great city. Metro and bus stops are down the street for visiting the nearby Museum d’Orsay, the Louvre, or Notre Dame. Upscale department stores and homes of haute couture, indeed all of Paris is at our disposal. Merci, Paris transportation!

The website for Hotel d’Aubusson shows pictures of rooms and unexpected offers with lovely perks.
TIP: Un bonne idée (a good idea): before you leave, buy a Paris Pass, a real money saver for unlimited transportation, Seine cruises, and most museum visits (free with the pass, and helps avoid standing in the long lines for tickets).
TIP: Fly Virgin Atlantic from the U.S. and you can enjoy their partnership with Eurostar by getting your train tickets along with your plane tickets.
So Doris dear, the chestnuts are in blossom, “what have you done to my heart?”
For now, au revoir… We’ll talk…

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