Arunee House– Infusing the Best of Thai and Chinese Cuisine

Photos by Brian Stewart

Pad Thai.

Ask anyone what they love most about Chinese or Thai food and it would undoubtedly be the fresh flavor of deliciously savory sauces uniting a diverse orchestra of ingredients from coconuts and peanuts to garlic and ginger. Of course, not every Thai-Chinese restaurant can boast the use of high quality ingredients coupled with the ability to unfailingly create authentic mouth watering dishes, for which every food lover craves.
Craving a notable part of culinary history in Los Angeles Arunee’s House Thai-Chinese Cuisine, opened since 1972 is widely known as “some of the best food in Los Angeles.” Featuring a select number of Chinese and Thai inspired appetizers, entrees, de-sserts and beverages, including specialty teas and imported beers, there is something to tantalize all five senses. Family owned and operated, all recipes are passed down and refined with each generation. Though hard to choose among the menu, any one dish that captures the essence of Arunee House’s several popular menu items include Pad Woonsen, and curry fried rice, although it’s thought that they never fail to produce a great Lard Nar, a noodle dish tossed with broccoli topped with choice of beef, chicken or pork sautéed with a soy sauce based dressing. Traditional chop suey, coconut soup and the house favorite cream cheese wontons round out menu favorites among patrons. For those enamored with all things curry, Arunee House’s line of dishes with an array of traditional Thai curries will love the range of options.

Photos by Brian Stewart

The dining room of Arunee House.

While food is crucial to the success of any dining experience so is atmosphere, which happens to be an endearing quality at Arunee House. For those that love a little character where they dine the plethora of welcoming Thai and Chinese styled bric-a-bracs will round out a pleasurable dining experience. A variety of seating arrangements are available. Thanks to the availability of private booth seating indoors and quaint curbside seating outdoors, guests can relax solo or in good company comfortably. Prompt and attentive service is yet another example of customers getting nothing less than the best. All menu items are reasonably priced (all entrée dishes under $15.00) and generous in size giving patrons the chance to dine fine on a budget guilt free.

Arunee House is located at 10140 Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake (next door to Trader Joe’s). They are open seven days a week from 11:00am until 10:30pm. All menu items are available for catering, pick-up or delivery, which is free within a three mile radius. Orders can be made by phone, (818) 760-9074 fax, (818) 766-1881, in person or online (minimum order $15). For more information visit


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