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I’m going to devote this column to answering your letters. The two I’ve chosen this time are from rather intriguing young people and I hope that you’ll enjoy them but also benefit from my answers to them:

Dear Kenny:
My name is Linda and I’m 14 years old. From the time that I was a little girl of 9 I’ve wanted to be a star like Meryl Streep – not just because she is a star but because her acting is the best.
My mom keeps telling me that she was a secretary by the time she was 19 and I should be happy to do that and have a steady salary like she did.
But can you please tell Mom that I am old enough to know what I like – no… love? I can tell from seeing you on TV that you love what you’re doing and love being on TV and entertaining people.
Kenny – ask the spirits to help me and change my mom’s mind. I love you for helping so many of us.

Your new friend,

Dear Sweet Spirit Linda:
If you’ve wanted to be an actress for the past 5 years, you must really want this for your life’s work.
I suggest that you be fair with your mom and take business or secretarial classes, but then also go to a drama school close to your home. This will make you and your mom happy. Carol Burnett went to high school and either in her second or third year was discovered by an agent. The rest is history. Don’t give up on your dream – if you are destined to become an actress and work hard to achieve it, you can.
I close this letter with the message that my spirits tell you “We’re going to be very proud of actress Linda!” Blessings to you.

Dear Kenny:
I’m going to waste no time in getting to my point. I just turned 24 years old and graduated from college with a 3.5 grade point average.
I will tell you what most girls tell me – that my looks are very sexy. I’ve dated at least 30 young ladies who’ve all been crazy about me. I’m 6’3” and when I look in the mirror I can see why they’re in love with me. Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman? They’re just ok next to me.
When I go without a shirt around a girl they can’t wait to go to bed with me, where I have to say I’m also 100%. Even men keep staring at me.
I’m not ready for marriage but don’t know what to do with my life. Is there something wrong with that? I sit in my handsome apartment, decorated by none other than me, but sometimes feel lonely. Please, Kenny – don’t tell me to get married because I know all too well that I would be unfaithful to the woman.
I think I need your honest opinion. Don’t spare my feelings, but I do have a very sensitive ego. Thanks for your answer.


Dear Gregg:
Contrary to what it appears from reading your letter, my spirit guides actually tell me when I pick up your vibrations from touching the letter that you are suffering from an inferiority complex, believe it or not. You are hiding the real you.
Many people who are not a bit good-looking are able to lead a very successful life and attract people to them because there is more to them (and to all of us) than being handsome or beautiful.
I happen to have a client in the entertainment industry who is considered one of the Top 10 Sexiest Men in the World. But what I feel makes him so appealing is his concern for his family and friends and the good work he does with several charities. Also, he is very devoted to his career. He is not the least bit impressed by his good looks, which in truth makes him all the more appealing.
Perhaps you are as sexy and good-looking as you mention in your letter. If so, you need to focus on something more long-lasting and less superficial. And if you’re just convincing yourself of your good looks in an attempt to have confidence, then find something that you truly excel at and you will become the man you aspire to be. Do something with the excellent brain that you obviously have – follow through with the degree you earned in college. Focus on the people around you and they will focus favorably on you.
You are right not to think of marriage for a long period of time. You must be happy with yourself before you attempt to find happiness with or through another person.
I do wish you all the best, Gregg. Spirit tells me that you have a bright future and being good-looking or not will ultimately play a very small role in your life.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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