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Dear Sandy,
I’m having a problem with my cat. We call her “Mama.” Mama is soiling all over the floor; on socks, and just on everything. I don’t know what to do with her. We are considering having her put to sleep if we cannot find someone to take her.

Culver City, CA

Dear Martha,
As I tune in with Mama, I get she has an upset stomach and that she is extremely nervous. She has nowhere to go to feel secure in the house—notice I did not say the “home.” There appears to be a lot of disruption and tension in the house, so Mama neither feels safe nor does she feel wanted. She is peeing everywhere in order to feel safe. The smell of her own urine helps her feel more protected and secure, and the releasing of the urine helps to release her tension.
You do not spend much time with her either and she is more connected to you than with anyone else in the house. She needs your attention. She also gets bored but that is because of the lack of attention and feelings of not being wanted. Our pets are sensitive to what is going on with us. Mama is reacting to the stress in the household and to your inability to control what is going on there. Learning to work with Mama will help you to learn how to work with the other areas in your life that feel out of control and are creating stress.
Move Mama’s sandbox, food and bedding with her natural scent on it (not the urine scented), into an area of the house where it is quiet. She needs to be able to escape to a quiet place, away from the family. To help create a more harmonious mood in the house, put on soft music. The right music is a good energy shifter, clearing away heaviness and tension and bringing in lightness and healing.
DO NOT scold Mama for urinating outside of her box anymore. Gently pick her up, give her love and then put Mama in her sandbox. Putting her in the sandbox after she has soiled somewhere else will allow her to get reacquainted with where she is supposed to go to the bathroom. Make sure the sandbox is clean; most cats do not like to use dirty sandboxes. While you have Mama sitting in her sandbox, pet her. Let her know how much she is loved. You have to FEEL what you are saying to her.
Spend more time with Mama. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day will make a huge difference. Hand feed her special treats throughout the day. Get the other family members involved in petting her and sending her good thoughts and feelings from the heart, not from the head. You may also envision sending her white light as you pet her. Animals are very sensitive and feel the energy we express with our thoughts.
Lastly, do not have anyone in the house mention that you will get rid of Mama or have her put her to sleep. Please do not let that be an option! This problem can be fixed. Please find the patience and understanding to work with this little soul that has come into your life, to help you grow to be a better person.
With love and gratitude,
Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is a psychic, medium and healer for individuals and pets in the Los Angeles area. She can be reached at (562) 708-7345 or by email at You can also visit her Web site at

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