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Hi Robert,

I have a metal rollup double garage door that isn’t insulated and faces east and it gets extremely hot from radiant heat from sunrise to noon. I think this heats my garage all day long. Could I cut pieces of attic or wall insulation and fit them in the 12 panels to cool the door? If so, what kind would be best and if 2 sided what faces the inside of the garage?

Thanks for your time,
Rich C.

Hi Rich,

I would not use insulation because it wouldn’t hold. The door is constantly moving and vibrating and there is no way to properly affix it to the door.

The best thing to do would be to contact an overhead garage door company and purchase their styrofoam board insulator. It comes with an adhesive.

This will make a significant difference inside the garage and can also assist in the cooling of your house, especially if you have a second floor. The heat hits the garage door, radiates through the metal, rises inside the garage and travels up through the floors and out the roof. The new insulation would also help protect your roof and paper.


I’d like to know some good preventative measures I can do around my house to prepare for the rains.

Thank you, Dennis B.

Hi Dennis,

It’s a good idea to clear all underground drains now, while it’s dry. If you can, get a cable machine in there and clean them out. If there are 90’s in the line, use a jetter instead.

People typically hose down every weekend and wash dirt and grime down into the drains. Week after week, that gunk starts to build up. Sometimes you’ll also find rodents down in there or roots. Bottom line is you have to keep those lines cleared. If not, they can back up into your home, especially if you don’t have enough natural grade to your property.

Many times, developers will grade to a given point but homeowners come along and do inappropriate landscaping and block the natural flow of the water. Or, a gardener will build up the beds – they keep bringing in new plants but they don’t take the old dirt out. Before you know it, the drains are all covered and the lines are packed with mud.

Also important is to keep your gutters and downspouts cleared out. Especially in the 90’s because that’s where the obstructions occur.

Keep your gutters and downspouts painted so they don’t rot. If you see any damage to the guttering, replace it. If the water is not being channeled away from the building properly, water will keep hitting the stucco which will cause the paper to go into failure mode. Once that happens, you’ve got interior leaks and wet drywall.

Check all the seals around your doors and windows. This will help against wind driven rains and save money on your heating bills.

If you have any holes in your walls from previous drilling or mounting, keep them caulked and sealed. You want to protect the paper as much as you can. If you have previously caulked the holes, pull it out and inject new caulk. Hot sun like we’ve had this summer will damage it so keep it replaced.

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