Ask Valli of ‘Oh My Dog’: My Dog Is Jealous Of My Fiance!


By Valli Aman,

Certified Dog trainer, ABCBDT

Valli Aman is a local certified dog trainer based in Valley Glen.

Valli Aman is a local certified dog trainer based in Valley Glen.

Question: I’m recently engaged and started noticing that my little dog Joey, who usually loves my boyfriend/fiancé, has been charging at him.  Suggestions please!

Answer: This is an excellent example of how dependent upon our lives, how concerned, and how in love with us our dogs truly are.  They are indeed unique. They are also super-sensitive and that’s why they are trained for aiding the disabled and search and rescue. After hundreds of hours of observation I also believe they can sense changes in our energy and daily story.

In your case, both you and your fiancé are the same people you were a few weeks ago but the energy around you and maybe the order of things has changed — if for no other reason than the joyful distraction of your recent engagement. I don’t know the breed of your dog but I don’t detect this is a breed issue. I do believe your pooch Joey senses that he’s getting ready to be number two forever and fighting a bit to retain his status.

I’d go ridiculously back to the basics.

I recommend letting your fiancé feed Joey as many meals as possible over the next week and then alternating with you. You may see Joey’s behavior change quickly for the better.

Your fiancé can walk across a room with two small pieces of a soft treat, pick up Joey and give him a piece while walking. You go sit with Joey and give him the other one. You don’t want to spoil or overfeed, but the little extra will go a long way right now.

Both of you should talk to Joey. He may not understand each word but he’ll feel a part of what’s going on. Make certain to finish with a kiss and an “I Love You.”

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