Be a Lobby, Not a Victim


I am a former Democrat, and I am still a liberal.
We have all seen, in the recent past, a party that was put into power for a reason. They are reasons I support, reasons I feel personal to, reasons I vote for. It is the job of those I put my power into to carry out that mission or give the results of my vote to someone who can. It is also the mission of the party I choose to carry out the ideals that brings me to the members of that party to collectively fight for those beliefs that support my beliefs, choices and philosophies, and once again I demand that they carry out that charge or hand over the reins of the party to those that remember who their members are.
Recently, the Democratic Party has represented itself with a stunning lack of awareness to its members and mission. More concerned with not raising the ire of the opposition lest they be targeted they have as a group come to be little that represents me and it is time to decide do they represent you?  Have they represented and demonstrated the core of your liberal beliefs?
You see there is a dependence that our politicians have. They depend on those who put them in office to succumb to the attention granted by their benevolent coming to us when our votes have dominion over their careers.  It is at that time we discover how one of a kind they and their fellow Democrats are “an instrument of our beliefs.” One big red, white and blue happy family, directed and pursuing a cause of justice, compassion and that part of being an American that we on the left find makes us unique and is practiced with pride and determination. But in between elections the doors of our “simpatico voices” in Washington D.C. are not available so easily to the electorate but to those with briefcases of cash, the lobbyists. And we allow it to happen because come the next election cycle or town hall meeting; “boy will they hear from me”!
So, are you frustrated enough yet? Have you written letters, made phone calls, commiserated with friends, emailed, participated in Town Hall Meetings and paced your living room in disgust enough for your taste? Well so have I and it is time to remind those we elect that the lobby they need to respond to is not the ones with the briefcases of cash but the ones with the real power – the liberal voter. Of course if we continue to just scream in the dark the Democratic Party will remain happy to keep our real power as liberals in the shadows while still coming out in every election cycle with empty conversations to secure theirs.
I ask you, does the Stupak Amendment represent you? Does the lack of a Public Option represent your vote? Does the rejection of a $250.00 payment to seniors, Veterans and the Disabled to cover the lack of any cost of living increase sit in your heart as the right thing that represents your compassion and awareness of reality? Have the actions in the Senate and House, the actions that the party will not address represent your way of doing business? Regardless of how your particular Congressman or Senator voted, has the party mirrored your voice and reflected your votes?
Enough! It is time to realize that WE are the lobby the Democratic Party needs to fear. WE are the lobby they report to. WE are the lobby that will decide their next vote. And we are the lobby that they MUST answer to.
Such a lobby does not have its strength in cash but in membership. It’s why I am encouraging you not to change your vote but to demand that it has a place to go. If one hundred thousand registered Democrats leave the Party it will be noticed. If half a million leave the party it will cause a wave of fear. If a million of us leave it will cause a panic and send a clear message to the Democratic Party that WE are the lobby they must respond to and that WE as Democrats are the Party they must come to and not the Republicans hat in hand.
If you think you have a place to go as a liberal, you don’t. Better than nothing is not in my philosophy and it is time to take it out of yours. It will not change the way you believe the way you vote or what you vote for. And yes, it will take a little work to reregister away from the party and if you choose to, register back. But that is far less work then all the energy we waste screaming at the news and it will bring results but only if we the liberal voters in this country decide that our country is worth it. I have had it. They need to answer to me now. My letters, my phone calls and my screaming does nothing they seem to care about. In a world where elections are decided by under triple digit numbers what do you think the response of the Democratic Party will be when members leave in the six and seven digit numbers?
Do you think they will hear us then? You better believe they will, but only if liberals have the will.

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer, and may be contacted through “The Tolucan Times” or at

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