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By Greg Smith, Staff Writer

Dr. Mindy Dai.

If you met Dr. Mindy Dai on the street, you’d be surprised to learn of her profession. Dai, while comforting and good-natured, has little patience for pain – specifically the pain of others. She’s serious about relieving a variety of what-plagues-you in a way that is timely, affordable, effective, all-natural and (can we say it together?) non-addictive. A free and clear existence sans pain is optimal, and Dr. Dai is a consummate professional — with medical degrees from both China and California. Her vast expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine gives her a unique take on healthcare, as many doctors refer their patients to Valley Acupuncture & Herb Center.

All your ailments – whether it be headaches, back pain, cramping, indigestion or, honestly, most any problem in the realm of general bodily discomfort – can be traced to a blockage of Qi in the body. Okay, now I’m getting in over my head here, so I’ll let Dr. Dai take the reigns:

“Qi is the energy flow throughout the body,” explains Dai. “It flows through specific pathways called meridians and provides the body with nourishment for every cell, tissue, muscle and organ system.

“If the body’s energy flow is blocked, you get pain. Acupuncture helps the pain go away; it unblocks the Qi,” says Dai — who’s won the title for “Best Acupuncturist” in the Burbank Leader for the last four consecutive years.

Acupuncture is an effective Chinese medical treatment that originated over several thousand years ago. It is not only used to treat illnesses, but also to prevent them. In California, acupuncture is now recognized as a primary health care profession.

But how does it work? Dai inserts needles into troublesome areas of the body (acupuncture points that follow the meridians), activating the muscular nerve, which sends an impulse to the brain’s neuro-system and causes the body to release a natural painkiller.

So confident is Dai of the positive benefits related to her treatments, she has a saying:

“One needle here,” she points to her hand, smiling, “and you’ll be able to move your neck right away!”

Our own theater reviewer, Pat Taylor, is currently undergoing treatments with Dr. Dai, and raves about her. Pat states:

“She is such a sweet woman, and knows what she’s doing! She’s highly knowledgeable, friendly, calming and really listens to your concerns. Do call her to set up a free quickie consultation.”

Well folks, Pat is known for her candid honesty, so there you have it. Valley Acupuncture & Herb Center is located at 2031 W. Alameda Ave. Ste. 206 in Burbank (inside the St. Joseph Professional Building). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Mindy Dai at (818) 843-1558, e-mail her at or visit her Web site, It’s time to be the best you – you deserve it!

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