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Facials, Fat Burning, a Fine Line

Katie Schaefer, Dr. Frank Ryan’s glam expert

In a town where everything is about the cut (surgical, hair, or economic), aesthetician Katie Schaefer can practice beauty in a non-invasive way. Her client list is a “who’s who” of VIPs who visit the Brighton Way office where she works with boss, Dr. Frank Ryan, famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. She’s treated the naked faces of those who’ve spent lots of time on paint and primp. “I can help a client stay youthful without pain or injections.”

Ok, we’re listening! “There are a few things. If you have a big event or a photo shoot, I suggest Derma Sweep, which is a crystal-free microdermabrasion, known to remove all the dead skin.

“A Purogenic Collagen Facial is a follow-up (to the Derma Sweep) with an infusion of antioxidants and a collagen mask, to properly recharge the skin. It gets in deeper than most topical solutions and is a medical grade cold collagen, as well as soothing.” You can take the Purogenics (a mask) on the road and use it in your hotel room, so you have a nice collagen mask right before an important event.”

Although Schaefer suggests doing both at the same time, it’s not necessary. Both minimize fine lines, wrinkles, acne scaring, and hyperpigmentation. “Men really love Purogenics. My husband usually won’t let me do anything with him. But, he relaxes and can really see results.”

As we age, collagen is lost. “If you do two masks a week for a month, and an AM/PM serum, you’re on the way.” Her rules: Cleanse tone, use stronger serums (collagen, hypopigmentation, or vitamin A crème) then serums – hyaluronic acids (moisture binder), vitamins C’s, and antioxidants and finish it with a moisturizer barrier and sunscreen. “Peels and laser topical solutions can also help.

“For body fat, Zerona is newer technology; it’s a cold laser and you feel nothing.” This non-invasive way to slim down is a big trend right now, especially for major awards shows.” They suggest six sessions over a two week period; 20 minutes on each side of the body. “Everybody reacts differently, but eventually you lose fat through excretion. It’s a great detoxification. My experience has been a three to 17 inch weight loss.”

We originally caught up with the beauty expert at a pre-Oscar event, organized by Karen Wood of Backstage Creations. Participants were those who support The Creative Coalition.

Right now, Schaefer is helping to organize Dr. Frank Ryan’s annual Bony Pony event held at his Malibu ranch. Friends and clients are invited to participate in the festivities, including beauty treatments. Mother to a two-year-old son, Kai, Schaefer balances challenging work and family life.

“It’s widely acceptable that lasers and injectable soften the beauty process and preserve what you have. I so see more effective natural oriented products available. The Clarisonic (machine) is a great way to sweep the face every day, rather than do extreme exfoliation. Even the Saturday Night brightener is good. Saturday night is date night; it gives you a great glow.

“There is no magic cure. You have to eat well, work out, take your supplements, and take good care of your skin.” Hmmm, then clients and staff must indulge in heavy-duty discipline to ignore those sinful desserts from ScootaBaker and Famous Cupcakes that Dr. Ryan supplies in the waiting room!

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