Before delving into my mailbag, which is jam-packed, I want to wish all my faithful readers and letter-writers a glorious, holy, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year


Now, Sweet Spirits, let me get to some of your letters:

Dear Kenny:

I’ll bet you’ve never heard from a person who writes to you who’s had the same desire plaguing them for many, many years.

I am 52 years old, happily married to a loving stay-at-home wife and we have two adorable children – a boy 18 years old and studying art in school and a beautiful 14-year-old girl in school getting ready to study law when she’s old enough.

My glorious wife has always been happy to stay home and I’ve been a successful lawyer. But in spite of all the apparent happiness, I’m just waiting my turn to sell my TV show about – guess what? – a successful writer. I have submitted my formats to eight production companies, with no success.

Should I give up? Please don’t tell me to if you think there’s any hope. My wife and children are all proud of me and tell me to “charge ahead” but I await your answer and will abide by it…I think.


Dear W.T.:

I congratulate you on your hopes and dreams and your ability to never say “I give up.” Some years ago I was watching Charlie Rose on his talk show and he had Marc Cherry on as a guest.

If you recognize the name, Marc Cherry is the creator and head writer of the ever-popular Desperate Housewives. He was telling Charlie that he submitted Housewives to about 35 production companies before the show was accepted.

So that’s my heartfelt answer to you. Never give up. Keep submitting. I’m giving you this advice as a psychic/medium but also from one writer to another.

I’m currently about to have my new book, The Moment, published (in February). It’s my sixth book. My first book, Sweet Spirits, was available in book stores many years ago, but people often had a hard time finding it. Why? Clerks unintentionally took a look at the title and, not thinking of the greeting of “Hello Sweet Spirits!” that has been my trademark, they stocked the book in the section of the store featuring books on fine wine and spirits (of the liquid kind). But I carried on and kept writing! And you should, too.

Dear Kenny:

I’ve been reading and enjoying your column, it seems, for years.

I’m a 36-year-old woman who has never been married. My girlfriend and I were having lunch the other day. She’s been married three times, divorced twice and thinking of calling it quits with this marriage, too.

She looked at me and said, “Helen, why haven’t you ever married? I think you would be a perfect wife and mother, though I suppose you’re running a little late in having babies.”

I said to her, “Rita, truthfully, I’ve seen so many divorces and unhappy marriages and women who have brought children into the world but then worried constantly that the children would get into trouble when they reached their teen years. So it’s scared me off.”

She said, “Maybe you’re right. God knows I’ve made mistakes, but my biggest mistake was not having children when my marriages were at least briefly happy. At least I would have children now to love in my later years.”

When I left lunch, it got me to thinking. There’s a man, Derek, who sits a couple of desks from me at work. He’s always asking why we can’t have dinner together some night. I’ve always said, “Sure. We will, sometime.”

I like him, I’m just afraid of starting a relationship with him. But now, I think that instead of waiting to run into him in the break room and having him ask me again, I should ask him out. I could say, “You know, you’re right; the time has come for us to get together for lunch or dinner.”

Kenny, I hope this is the right thing for me to do. I don’t feel like waiting any more for him to make another move. What do you think?


Dear Helen:

Absolutely! Make the move. I don’t think you’re too late for a happy marriage and if you can have them, children. I feel from the vibrations on your letter that you would make a delightful mother.

You’ve seen enough of life and know the difference between those with happy marriages and those who have ended in divorce.

I wouldn’t wait too long. The New Year is a perfect time to get together with Derek. You didn’t say what his history is and I feel that he is about your age and may have had a marriage or long-term relationship in his past. So he, too, knows what he wants now.

Your vibrations are perfect for giving and receiving love. I wish you both great personal happiness.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit and listen to Kenny’s radio show on every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Pacific time.

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