Betty White’s Personal Invitation for Actors and Others for Animals


Screen Actors Guild President Ken Howard with Betty White. Ken will be on the dais celebrating Betty at the Actors and Others for Animals Luncheon, April 9th at the Universal Hilton.

I want to Talk about the fun and flurry leading up the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Actors and Others for Animals on April 9. Betty White, who’s not only Hot in Cleveland, but also about the hottest babe in show business, taped a personal invitation on the Actors and Others website. Betty — whose career keeps peaking — is busier than ever, but she made time to tape a special little personal invitation on the A&O site,, telling you why she would really like you to attend her special party.

There’s so much more to Betty White that has yet to be unveiled. This luncheon is a once in a lifetime event with more stars than Actors and Others has ever had. They will toast her deeds and roast the rascal. Betty White is a super talent and a saucy babe, a precious person and a potent poker player. The Dais is loaded, starting with Betty’s co-stars from Hot in Cleveland, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick, who are all heading to the airport from the party, but couldn’t miss coming by to salute their beloved Betty. Also at the table will be co-stars from Betty’s recent movies, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Lee Curtis, along with Daytime Emmy winner, Susan Lucci! Present too will be Fred Willard and Georgia Engel (Emmy nominated playing the loopy in-laws from Everybody Loves Raymond), the beloved Peter Marshall (who may sing a little something for Betty), and Ken Howard. Howard is the President of the Screen Actors Guild, an Emmy winner for Grey Gardens, is currently showing his silly side on 30 Rock as the jolly new boss and who also, along with his superb wife Linda, is a major supporter of animals via the Onyx and Breezy Foundation.

There are some things I cannot mention, as they will be special surprises for Betty (she surely reads The Tolucan Times).

Good News: The hotel is opening up more space, so there is room for ticket buying now. So for additional information and to buy tickets you can call (818) 755-5080. This is a perfect place to bring out of town guests who are hoping to see some stars! And, many of us in town folks like to see stars, too.

Paul Jolly will be receiving Actors and Others for Animals 2011 Award of Caring for the PETCO Foundation.

Give tickets to this luncheon as a gift. Besides a Gourmet Vegetarian lunch, you will enjoy (the bar opens at 11 a.m.) carefully grazing through the very desirable Silent Auction items. And while mingling with friends, get a Raffle ticket from ‘Lucy.’ Or buy some from me. You could win a New Zealand trip for two at the Bethellls’s Beach Resort, airfare included. This is good. And what is really good is the lads from Forever Plaid will be strolling and singing while you are mingling. And the Goodie bags will be packed with goodies.

Our astonishing Betty will be receiving the Inaugural “Betty White Inspirational Award” for encouraging public awareness and appreciation of animals and their need for protection and care.

Paul Jolly (who is the most caring man one could know) will accept the 2011 Award of Caring for the PETCO Foundation, for championing and supporting the work of animal welfare organizations throughout the United States. Would you please look up the PETCO Foundation on the Internet? There is no way to explain the dazzling amount of work they do — from in-store adoptions and training to helping animals in dire disasters. And millions of dollars every year go to animal organizations that need help doing good work.

Inhale in this room; there will be a lot of gold dust. It’s good to breathe the air in a room full of good people with humane intentions. And thanks on behalf of the animals.

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