Body and Brain: A Healing Connection


By Anthony Cross

Fatima demonstrates “Ji-Gam,” energy meditation.

Whether you know it or not, the stresses of everyday life might be blocking your overall health and wellness. If you are looking to improve your quality of life, start with the body and brain. At Body and Brain Holistic Wellness, instructor and owner Fatima Bustos-Choy is dedicated to bringing her members health, happiness and peace in their lives through ancient yoga — Dahn Yoga, meaning the study of energy. Which is exactly what you feel when you walk in her door.

Before becoming an instructor and owner, Fatima herself was a student of Body and Brain. After seeing positive results, she left a thirty-year corporate career behind to pursue a life of helping and healing others.

“There is nothing like this; the system of integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who we are is the heart of this work. The work benefits people of all ages and walks of life,” Fatima says.

The program was created by South Korean born llchi Lee when he went soul searching to find the answer to, “Who am I?” He discovered all human energy and minds are connected with the entire universe. The program is based on ancient East Asian teachings combined with modern day science brain based research. It has integrated Eastern and Western teachings, looking at the individual holistically and not just physically.

This program consists of deep stretching and something I had never heard of, Brain Wave Vibration.

“My experience at Body and Brain has been so much more than I anticipated. I originally signed up to get in shape and lose weight…. I have lost weight, but found so much more… I have become more focused, calm, forgiving (to others and to myself) and more spiritual. I am now addicted and try to come to class everyday,” says Chantal Mariotti, member and Principal of Executive HR Consulting Group.

While doing a few stretches with Fatima, she explained to me how most people initially come to her for physical comfort, wanting to lose weight or release stress in the body. But something happens when they start the training.

Members focus on their Dahn-Jon, lower abdomen to gather and strengthen their energy.

“The energy channels start to open in their bodies and they feel stronger and more flexible. They start to break down the emotional barriers they didn’t realize they had,” Fatima says.

One of Fatima’s members, Greg Gharibian — owner of restaurant Café Elegante — came to her for a different reason.

“I couldn’t sleep. At nights when I tried to sleep, everything came to my mind. If I had a party at the restaurant the next day, I would think about it until it was over — things were always on my mind,” Greg says.

I asked Greg what it was about Fatima’s class that has helped him sleep.

“I use the techniques and exercises; I don’t think — I just concentrate and let go,” Greg says.

I witnessed first hand the effects Fatima and her Body and Brain Holistic Wellness Center is having on her members. She is changing and healing one life at a time. So if you feel that it’s time for a change, make the connection and go down to see her. Once you walk in her door for the first time, you’re opening one forever.

The Body and Brain Holistic Wellness Center is located at 1054 W. Alameda Ave. For more information on classes, call (818) 846-8888.

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