JACKIE: We want to Talk about great cooking and fine dining David discovered on his last trip (without me). So, I’ll enjoy his report with you.


The Maestro – Chef/Owner Guy Savoy 3 Michelin Stars plus at least one more from your Columnist!

The Maestro – Chef/Owner Guy Savoy 3 Michelin Stars plus at
least one more from your Columnist!

DAVID: Among the galaxy of Michelin-starred Chefs, one name shines, sparkles with an undying light – Guy Savoy! (Pronounced (hard G) Gee Sav wah.)

In a recent interview when asked what is most responsible for his amazing success, the Chef responded with “The pursuit of perfection and attention to details. I let my heart tell me how to cook and share this way of thinking with my teams.”

Guy Savoy has more ‘teams’ than the National Football League; in Paris alone the Chef presides over the brilliant restaurant bearing his own name while the teams he has trained work his magic at Atelier Maitre Albert, La Butte Chaillot, Les Bouquinistes, and Le Chiberta. And, since its opening in 2006, Restaurant Guy Savoy has proved to be the best bet in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Here his team is run by his son Franck and has won 2 Michelin Stars. With all this whirling around in my head, I entered the Guy Savoy flagship restaurant near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

I was warmly welcomed by the great Chef’s personal assistant, Carine Polito and introduced to Hugo who would guide me through the menu and Sylvain the Chief Sommelier. My terrific trio! Hugo led me through the elegant, subdued interior, perfect to set off contemporary art (most of which I would like to own) into one of the small rooms of only five tables, each seating diners who looked as though they had arrived by Rolls or Ferrari.

As he seated me (who had arrived by bus!), Hugo explained I would be served a menu of nine courses requiring about three (gasp!) hours. In actual fact, it would only take two hours and fifty minutes. I passed on the coffee and second and third desserts.

My anything-but-fast-food was paired not only with fine wines but also glorious breads. And so, with the choreography of a lovely modern dance, my luncheon began. A toothpick-sized silver spear was presented holding tiny crusty brown bread sandwiching duck liver from duck heaven. Yum! Then a second appeared with subtly different foie gras. Could it possibly be even better? Now, the amuse bouche; caviar of course. Should I beg for seconds? Better not. Because the next course was multicolored beets with shredded crabmeat. So far I had consumed these treats with Champagne Guy Savoy and a 2008 Riesling. Suddenly, Chef Savoy entered the small room unannounced. He filled the space with his presence, confident, handsome, and welcoming with a firm and friendly handshake. As he left, the next course arrived: delicious whole red mullet with its own liver, small, deboned, and butterflied along with mushroom caps, tiny and as perfectly matched as a string of pearls.

The artistic arrangement of each dish added to the brilliant flavors and textures. And the chilled white Chateauneuf-eu Pape didn’t hurt either.

My next course was a small medallion of tender lobster, then an ethereal soup of artichoke and black truffles (a king’s ransom rivalling the caviar). The warm bread was alive with parmesan flavour. Since I’m getting full again just writing this, I’ll pick up the pace: the main course: lamb served three ways – including a slice stuffed with slivers of razor clams and a tiny chop on the bone. The wine was a delicious 2004 Graves. Next a small of dish of lentils, that humble food here elevated to lordly. I succumbed to the cheese trolley choosing only three including a unique goat gouda. Finally, finally! A deconstructed apple of paper thin candied slices around an apple shaped sorbet. Time’s up!

Somehow I made my exit. My stomach stuffed; my bum sore; my heart happy! My special tip: you can experience the atmosphere and the fab food with an exclusive menu at lunchtime at a remarkably low price if you book online. See; there’s more than one way to taste the high life.

JACKIE: Salutations to Chef Savoy, and next, we’ll be stompin’ in New York.

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