Burbank’s ARC TV lives on but its ARC Gallery is closing soon

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Silent Art Auction closing ceremony with refreshments in Burbank Thurs., March 22

A year ago The Tolucan Times reported that Burbank’s favorite local TV and Electronic Service center, ARC TV and Art Gallery, might have to close. A lot has happened since then.

“Late into the Night.”

Owner Bill Czappa said, “Things just took off. Announcing that we may have to close was the best thing that ever happened to us. We had a silent auction of all the artwork and sold 16 pieces.” Soon after, the shop was featured in the Hulu TV show Casual, Czappa rented two of his nail art works for American Woman (airing this month) and last December he appeared on Storage Wars.

But the big news is that ARC TV will continue on and expand into new areas with new owner Steve Chang, an experienced technician having run a similar shop in Monterey for nine years. Czappa will be staying on in a part time capacity, so he can devote more time to his writing and making art.

Sadly most of the art work will have to go. Czappa is currently holding another Silent Art Auction. All the work will be open for a starting bid of only $195 with only a few pieces having a reserve. View the work now at:


“Spruce Goose 2.” photos by Bill Czappa.

Bids are coming in and are all posted on that website as they do. An auction closing ceremony, with refreshments, will be held on Thursday, March 22 and the last bid accepted at 8pm.

If any work doesn’t sell, Czappa would love to find places for them where they could still be seen by the public. Both the City of Burbank and Czappa’s hometown of Culver City have been approached, but they were not interested. Friend Russ Andrade Custom of Bespoke furniture manufacturing has offered Czappa a place to store and even show his work in Vernon, but closer options would be preferred.

In the meantime, stop by the oldest art gallery in Burbank and have a look at over 65 pieces of California Assemblage Sculpture. If you are not interested in buying the art, stop by anyway, meet the new owner and see the art before the oldest art gallery in Burbank is no more.


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