Buy American – If You Can Find Anything Made Here


Presently, we have millions of unemployed workers looking for jobs that are now in foreign countries. Over a million of these unemployed are currently homeless and sleeping on the street. One out of every five American kids is living in extreme poverty. Men who should be working are now forced to go on food stamps, or even worst, steal to feed their families. This is wrong no matter how you slice it.
For many Americas it is the beginning of a new depression. It seems to me, the American dream is being sold downstream. And, if we are not incredibly cautious, this country will wind up on the rocks sinking like a wounded treasure ship.
America must hold sacred certain responsibilities to its working citizens. The jobless don’t want charity; they want work. They don’t want food stamps; they want picks, shovels and assembly lines. The army of American unemployed could be a militia of workers if we just start producing American products again.
The main difficulty is that American jobs have been put on the auction block and sold to the country with the lowest bidder. We have lost millions of jobs because we are importing a great deal more than we produce. We need to keep our jobs at home if we are to continue to be the greatest industrial nation in the world.
America had a multi-billion dollar trade imbalance last year, and even worse, we have run up a 500 billion dollar trade deficit. We need to use American money to buy American products. That is, if you can find anything that is still made in the USA.
Almost every product you see today is made in China, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan or some other third-world country. The reason of course is cheap labor. But, do we ever think about this labor, often its forced prison labor or child labor? Many third-world countries force young kids to work 14 to 16 hours a day, often in dangerous conditions. After years of battling for better labor laws in this country, we have returned to buying products made this way from third-world countries.
America has fallen prey to the mother of the greatest injustice of all – greed. Trying to save a few pennies, we have broken the backbone of our great country – the American factory.
America’s workforce has always taken pride in what they manufacture. However, the roar of the factory is now growing silent and the industrial era in our country is rapidly vanishing.
I believe our lawmakers must create new import and export regulations. And we, as citizens, have to start looking at labels and buying products made in the USA – if we can find them.
American products might cost a few cents or dollars more, but they are better made, and by purchasing goods made in the US we are doing our part to help the American worker and our economy.
“Remember, if you can find it – buy American….”

Kevin McKenna is an award-winning filmmaker, social scientist, and the Executive Director of IDEAS (Investigative Documentaries Educating American Society), a 501C non-profit corporation. If you have any comments, ideas or need more information please write to IDEAS 1015 W. Clark Suite C. Burbank, CA. 91506 or call him at (818) 846-3519 or E-mail

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