Buy Your Next Car Without Fear — Get Inside the Minds of Car Dealers


By Ray Lopez

Retired car salesman turned consumer advocate Ray Lopez will teach awareness, saving and confident car buying practices at a July 30 dinner workshop at Paty’s in Toluca Lake.

Does buying a car make you dread having to deal with the psychological ploys and manipulative schemes that, unfortunately, many car salesman use against everyday consumers like yourself?

As a retired car salesman of 30 years, I have a tip for anyone who’s ever had that fear when buying a car…and the answer is to get inside the minds of the car dealers. By looking at the process of what it takes to sell you a car — especially in this economy — from the inside out, you can buy your next car with confidence and get a fair deal and a car you actually want to buy.

While I offer a step-by-step guide in my book, Inside the Minds of Car Dealers: How to Buy Your Next Car Without Fear, here are a few simple starter points:

  1. Drive by the dealers whose brand you’re interested in on the weekend and look for the red flags
  2. If a salesman asks if “you’re buying today,” walk out and don’t turn back
  3. If a salesman turns you to another salesman or “closer,” walk out and don’t turn back
  4. Never shop on a weekend when high pressure salesmen are at their worst
  5. If a salesman talks about payments before agreeing on the selling price, walk out and don’t turn around — no matter what the salesman says

Before you buy your next car, ask me how you can get inside the salesman’s mind on my consumer help page:

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