Buyer’s Remorse?


I recently was asked in an online situation if I was experiencing buyer’s remorse. Naturally I went over my latest expenditures. Was it a reference to my recent purchases at my local Albertson’s? Perhaps instead it was regarding the new car just purchased… had I just purchased one. Well, just in case this individual had visited the future and was asking the question presumptively retroactively, I had to inquire.
Incredibly, the inquiry was asking if I had joined the “growing number” of Obama voters who are now regretting their vote. “Buyers Remorse” was the term used. Naturally I get to thinking, “Buyer’s Remorse” from “a growing number of voters”; really?
So I looked into these cases of “buyer’s remorse.” Seems when it comes to President Obama, the term “buyer’s remorse” has been kicked around since he announced his intention to go to kindergarten. But how is the idea of “buyer’s remorse” even possible when speaking of a person hired for the most complicated job on the planet who took over the position just scant weeks ago? Now generally these questions are a fair question to ask years into an administration that creates more problems than it solves, so I have to wonder about the motive of such nonsense being asked of an administration 20 days old and then concluded “as the thoughts of a growing number.”
Let’s get right to the meat of the matter. I do not have buyer’s remorse. 
Now let’s get to the real heart behind the meat. Such questions are nothing more than the first salvo in the attempt to manipulate public perception by those who have used these same tactics successfully up until this past November 4th and who now are falling back once again on garbage out, garbage spread.
To be certain there have been some stumbles out the gate. Problems that I find “taxing” to say the least. But any frustration was certainly tempered by a leader who demanded the responsibility lay with him. That was an indication to me that I did indeed vote for the right person. 
The other “stumbling” block being created, not by the President but by his critics, has been all the recent debate on the Economic Stimulus Package. Here in particular we found misperception leading the fight by individuals not opposed to stimulating the economy but who are simply opposed to President Obama. Certainly the idea of a pork laden bill (that was not laden with pork) will not sit well with a financially weary public that is overwhelmed by the details of such actions; but ask the average person about it and what will you get? You get the rhetoric being presented by the field manual of conservative whine radio concerning minor percentages, many of which were removed by bipartisan compromise. What you won’t hear is the percentage of the bill that is tax cuts or devoted to job growth. And, why not? Well why would you, if you wanted to run a candidate in 2012? It is only to the nations benefit to discuss such details, not to the party. So in the end we have another case of molehill to mountain and for the mountains, misdirection to the molehills. Hardly honest but very effective if not countered.
Last week, however, it was countered before the entire nation by President Obama himself. In a press conference that saw our new President field tough questions and give articulate answers without pomposity, evasion or smirks that looked down on the public, I saw exactly what I voted for. A man who is not frightened by false rhetoric and is willing to face it head on in order to redirect the conversation from purposeful misdirection to clear and sometimes harsh reality.
Clearly however the run for the roses in 2012 has begun and what must also begin is a campaign by every Democratic Party official to not allow a redirection of public opinion by those with a vested interest in not discussing public issues but only in swaying public perception. Discussing all viewpoints is vital to the education of our nation. Omitting most of the story however to dissuade and redirect conversation is not acceptable and clearly must be discouraged by those who represent us. Only by failing to do so will I have “buyer’s remorse,” and it won’t be in my President, but in my party.

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer and may be contacted through the “Tolucan Times” or at

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