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Living in the State of Los Angeles is, face it, a little surreal. Things happen here that just don’t happen with the fluidity of frequency (hey, that was kind of poetic) that they would (technically- “would not”) in say Bobo, Alabama, Moosup, Connecticut or even in Beaver Crossing, Nebraska for that matter.

Take the following incident that occurred recently to my wife and me. Okay, to my wife but I helped…kind of. My wife, who uses a cane, can find the heavy doors that enter and exit the ladies room a bit hefty at times. I suppose that this is some plot to make women work out at the oddest times, but that is a column for another day. Being the loving husband I am, I try to grab the door for her when it is appropriate to do so. Well, such an occurrence recently happened at the Cinerama Dome, a lovely lady with a spectacular head of blonde hair graciously and kindly helped my wife though both the outer and inner doors with a smile and sweetness that we could all learn from. Now in Bobo, Moosup or Beaver Crossing, this Good Samaritan would be just that, and not also actress Barbara Eden.

The bathroom is an odd place to run into a star, but let’s face it, they have needs too. In this town their needs and our needs frequently cross – hopefully not too closely in the ladies room, but I digress.

Yes, we all have those moments here in our odd little burg of Los Angeles. Many of us have seen the tourists go positively apoplectic when seeing a celebrity off the screen and walking down the street (celebrities do that? Like people?). And be honest, we have all faced a moment ourselves of “Whoa, that’s…” from time to time. However, we are cool. We take it in stride. We pet our celebrities with no more notice or less affection than the neighbor’s Labrador.

Yes, when it comes to our “celeb” meters, ours are clearly set on too cool for school. Or are they?

Ever meet the President of the United States? (Pick your favorite). Now a president is just another person holding the bathroom door open one arm at a time like you or me or even Barbara Eden, right? Wrong! Somehow I think most of us calm cool types would be eager to shake a president’s hand (even exiting the bathroom) with a start to our hearts and a sense of awe, don’t deny it, you would.

I remember doing a show with President Reagan. When I first saw him about 20 feet away it was interesting, sure… just like the photos… only taller. Then he moved (presidents do that? Like real people?). Yes they do. On my part, however, for a moment I got caught up with the sighting and the reality of an unreal situation and I found myself being a special visitor in a strange place in my own home town. This was no regular celebrity. This was a special person of great power and living history, and that type of meet and greet, even at twenty feet, has a power to it that is awesome! (Still didn’t vote for him, what can I say.)

This whole thought (and ergo column) evolved because a friend recently told me that a friendly joke I wrote regarding what president I would like to have a beer with would have been liked by the man I wrote it about, Gerald Ford. This beer summit question was asked of a large group of us, and while choices varied, none picked President Ford, to which I wrote “President Ford, because the line would be short.” But this got me me to thinking, while there are many people who would help my wife with the doors to the ladies room, frankly not all help while equal, is as exciting.

So, nothing great to really ponder this week, but just a simple question; Who would make you test your cool calm self if you chanced a chance encounter? For me, meeting any astronaut would make me uber excited. And if I can arrange such a meeting some day, I certainly will.

I mean, they must have bathrooms at NASA, right?

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer and may be contacted through The Tolucan Times or at Alternateangle@pacbell.net.

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