Center for Clinical Genetics and Genomics re-opens at Providence Saint Joseph’s Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center

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Providence Saint Joseph Hospital in Burbank celebrated the re-opening of its Center for Genetics and Genomics at the Disney Family Cancer Center on November 1.

“Genetics is the foundation of our fight against cancer and other diseases,” said Dr. Ora Gordon, Director of the Center for Clinical Genetics and Genomics. “In the era of personalized medicine, genetic testing empowers people by giving them the information they need to discover hereditary risks. This helps us detect cancer early—or stop it from developing.”

Jaqueline and John Cohn, Riley Foundation.

“Medical genetics revolutionizes our work,” said Dr. Raul Mena, Medical Director of the Disney Family Cancer Center. “We are so thankful to our donors, including Lee and Chloe Ross and the Hench Foundation, who founded the Center and the Riley Foundation, who support our programs and research. We would not be here without their generosity.”

Genetic counseling at the Center for Clinical Genetics and Genomics guides cancer patients and their families who are concerned that they may be at higher risk for certain cancers because of an inherited gene. Dr. Gordon and her team help families by interpreting their genetic test results to assess their cancer risk and provide ways to modify their risk through diet, exercise, surgery and other techniques. Although the causes of most cancers are unknown, experts estimate that at least 10 percent of most cancer types are related to inherited genes.

“Knowledge is power,” said Bob Sweet, a current patient at the Center. “When I learned I could have my children tested to better understand their risk of getting cancer, we immediately pursued it. We now have the information we need to take preventative action. Genetic testing gave my family hope.”

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