“Chinese New Year Concert” in Pasadena with China’s Three Tenors

China’s Three Tenors performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

China’s Three Tenors performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

Like a powerful whirlwind, China’s Three Tenors – Dai Yuqiang, Wei Song, and Mo Hualun — will present the premiere performance of their 2013 World Tour in the “Chinese New Year Concert” at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Feb. 17, 2013. This will be their only performance in the United States. Music lovers anxiously anticipate being part of this Los Angeles musical event. China’s Three Tenors is now a household name in China, manifesting the highest musical standard, as it continues to gain influential international acclaims. In a year since its formation, China’s Three Tenors has performed in all major cities in China and around the world, often with other world renowned artists, and always receiving great reviews.

In their 2012 World Tour premiere in New York, there was not a single empty seat at the Lincoln Center. To the great delight of the audience, they presented opera music of Puccini and Verdi, folk songs both Chinese and of other nations.

At the invitation of the British Royal Family, China’s Three Tenors performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration in November of 2012 and received a Royal audience from the Queen. Their superb performance was viewed by hundreds of millions on televisions worldwide.

Prior to joining as “China’s Three Tenors” the three tenors were already well known in China and internationally in their own individual capacity. Dai Yu-Jiang, Pavarotti’s very first Asian protégé, was a household name in China, well-loved for his tenor voice and his performing style. Wei Song, President of Shanghai Opera Theater, is prominently known in the international musical stage. Mo Hua, an internationally known Chinese vocal artist, is the artistic director of both the Hong Kong Opera Company and the Macao Music Festival. He was formerly the star tenor of the Berlin Opera Theater.

Entrepreneur Ms. Huiqiong Li is the organizer of this concert. She is the founder of U.S. Chinese Artists Association and has previously successfully organized several such performances. Ms. Li indicated that: “This concert will be a rare musical feast of meticulously selected Chinese and international classical music with five superb features: famous feature artists, big supporting performers, meaningful performance, great audience expectations, and heavy organizational responsibility.” The event has received strong support from Los Angeles media, business and civic organizations.

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

300 E. Green St.

Sunday, Feb. 17, 7:30 p.m.

Website: chinathreetenors.com

Ticket Sales: Tak Shing Hong, Inc.; Charles Lu Insurance Agency

Inquiry: 1-800-257-1008; 1-626-458-8777; 1-626-322-2800

On-line Tickets: ticketmaster.com

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