Cinderella & the Carpetbagger

Right to Left, Grace Robbins with her daughter Adreana Robbins.

Right to Left, Grace Robbins with her daughter Adreana Robbins.

The title of the Grace Robbins new tell-all book, Cinderella & the Carpetbagger: My Life as the Wife of the “World’s Best-Selling Author,” Harold Robbins, brought out the celebs for her official book launch party of the year.

The glamorous star-studded event of the rich and famous was held on her birthday, the evening of April 10 at Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur Lounge in West Hollywood. We were among her many friends and birthday well wishers, ready to cut the cake and crack open the book! On hand were of course Grace’s daughter Adreana (published author herself, apparently it runs in the family), actress Renee Taylor, Robin Leach (only fitting while we’re speaking of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous), Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, publisher Larry Flynt, dancer/actress Frances Davis (Mrs. Miles Davis) with Josephine Baker musical holder Robert Wood, actress BarBara Luna (South Pacific with Mary Martin), producer George Slaughter with lovely wife actress Jolene Brand, actor Jacob Diamond, actress Traci Moslenko, model/actress Pooja Batra, actress Angeline-Rose Troy, actor Ajay Mehta, songstress Ginny Mancini (Mrs. Henry Mancini), actor/comic/vocal artist Mr. Roger Rabbit himself Charles Fleischer, Kate Linder (star of The Young and the Restless), singer/songwriter Roxy Darr, actress Terry Moore, Joanna Carson, actress Joan Van Ark, and those are just a few of the many I had a chance to say hello to, as the club was filled to capacity.

Harold Robbins sold more than 750 million copies of his steamy books and along the way influenced many authors to write about the glamorous lives of the rich and powerful, including best-selling author Jackie Collins, who said, “Grace Robbins has written an explosive tell-all about one of my favorite authors – the wild and wonderful Harold Robbins. He did it … She did it … And then he wrote about it … Sexy fun.”

The media had long dubbed Harold Robbins “The Prince of Sex and Scandal,” and Grace holds nothing back in her tell-all about the “real life research” behind the life of her international best-selling author husband. Her book goes way beyond any of the huge TV shows such as Dallas and Dynasty that were certainly inspired by his own personal brand of literature.

I’ll leave it to your imagination for now, but this is a book you simply cannot put down once you open the first page. Robin Leach had this to say, “This racy romp through a lifestyle nobody could dare dream of, is sizzling. You have been warned; this book is HOT! Very hot!” And if that isn’t enough to make you want to cuddle up with this sizzle of a great read, here’s what the New York Post was quoted as saying, “This sweet little memoir will not grab the Vatican’s blessing.”

Truly this was the book launch party of the year and a birthday bash to end all, especially when four handsome men carried out a giant birthday cake made in the exact image of her book with fountains of glittering sparklers as we all sang “Happy Birthday.” What a lovely glow as she made her wish.

As you will find when you read her book, it will seem like a dream; in the way the party seemed like a dream, and you may remember back to Cinderella. “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep / In dreams you lose your heartaches / Whatever you wish for, you keep / Have faith in your dreams and someday / Your rainbow will come shinning thru / No matter how your heart is grieving / If you keep on believing / The dream that you wish will come true”

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