Civility or Civil War? What Are We About for Real?


By Jennifer Speer

”Slavery can only exist in the context of a police state, and the enforcement of that police state was the explicit job of the militias.”

So, as I read an article about the Second Amendment actually being originally ratified to enforce slavery, I wondered: Is it the government trying to enslave us with their ideals of what gun ownership should look like in present times? OR is it those people who consider themselves part of the “militia” just because they have a gun — not because they were appointed to the militia referred to in the Second Amendment — so that they can own their own personal arsenal? Are they really the ones keeping us enslaved by the subtle threat of civil war if any talk of changing anything to do with guns happens?

Because I’m sort of sick of that threat. We are supposed to be a democracy. If the majority of the people decide this is what we want, then no one has the right to threaten the peace and stability of the nation by going against the majority and making up their own rules … like certain sheriffs that I’ve read are refusing to follow the new laws.

Isn’t that defying your oath to serve “we the people”? And are the gun people that threaten civil war only “we the people” when we agree with you? Because that’s certainly one sided.

We are a funny democracy. We are almost so constantly split down the middle that we should just split up the U.S. into two parts and everyone go about their business. Ha!

By the way, trying to limit the kind of weapons that can wipe out numerous people in one fell swoop doesn’t mean the “government is coming to take your guns away.” This is going to be a long process of figuring out what works for the whole nation. However, it does mean it needs to be much, much harder to get a gun. And there need to be better rules for those that own them … because we all know there are plenty of unstable people that already own guns.

I bet everyone I know knows someone who’s a little edgy or aggressive and owns a gun … or have at some point. I’m not saying no one should have a gun … nor do I think that’s what the government wants.

In my opinion, the conspiracy theorists out there that have attacked the people of Newtown should be ashamed … and everyone should just calm the hell down so we can have productive conversations about this rather than being so ready to battle with your own countrymen.

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