Closure with Bonnie B.


This column is dedicated to all living animals … many of which are family pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, parrots … some people even keep pet snakes. But for this story, we won’t get into those that rattle a warning and stick out their little forked tongues.

We decided to ask about one of our special pets, who had died recently from a heart attack. This writer talked to a well-known psychic, who is also a good friend; her name is Rev. Hilda Hill. So here goes a little trip to the Spirit World…. It will be a fast trip, but a good one … so hang on!

We entered Rev. Hill’s special room and began with a centering prayer by Rev. Hill: “All the great spirits, we ask your guidance and for your assistance. If it is your will that we may reach the other side, let it be; if not, let your will be done. We ask special consideration and blessings for any little souls that may have passed to the other side. Guide the little soul to a resting place, for we know that every living thing has a place on this side as well as on the other.” I then asked Rev. Hill some questions regarding animals in the Afterlife.

Q: Did Bonnie B. (my favorite Skye terrier) die of a heart attack?

A: Yes, but it seems that she ate something used to kill insects, and this poison caused her heart attack.

Q: Was it her time to go?

A: Yes, it was her time. Contrary to what a lot of people think, there is a heaven for animals, and eventually they are reunited with their owners. The other side is similar to this one; every living thing that existed on this side also exists on the other. All living things have energy and a soul: plants, flowers, birds, and all animals. It is a much nicer place and much different. For a period, we’re in darkness, until we get used to the light. Everything over there is beautiful … more bright and shiny.

So dear readers, take heart and know that you will meet your beloved pets again.

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