Could ‘Black Sails’ raise another flag?


Question: I’ve been a big fan of Black Sails on Starz. I know this is the final season, but do you know if the network has given any thought to carrying on the adventures of Long John Silver? It would have the advantage of bringing the Black Sails fans in right from the start. What do you think? –Peggi

Matt Roush: Currently focusing on their endgame and not wanting to spoil it, the producers have been mostly coy so far (including with our reporter) about their hopes for extending the franchise. But Starz has a history of doing this, most notably with Spartacus, so I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see this pirate adventure return at some point, though perhaps not immediately, with an adult twist on the Treasure Island legend.

Question: It was fun to see John M. Jackson returning as Admiral Chegwidden on NCIS: Los Angeles. It has been 21 years since he first appeared in JAG, and outside of Star Trek and soap operas, it can’t be that often a character reappears 20-plus years later in a spinoff of a spinoff. It seems from his final scene that he may be hanging around. Have you heard if he’s going to recur? –Jason

Matt Roush: That was a nice surprise, and a gift for fans. I’m not sure how often he’ll recur, but I have every reason to think you haven’t seen the last of him.

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