Count Your Blessings!


By Rev. Pam

Rev. Pam MacGregor, Pastor/Director of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

We are all familiar with the annual traditional Thanksgiving Day celebration where we acknowledge our blessings and all that we are grateful for, and then gobble down the feast. Let us now consider the daily Thanksgiving feast of our lives. What is our contribution? Are we a blessing to others? Do we deal with others — and ourselves — with a grateful and forgiving heart? Forgiveness brings cleansing and a moment-to-moment, new pure awareness from which to operate. We improve the quality of our lives by daily giving thanks for each experience.

Perhaps our only purpose in life is to be the blessing — in all that we do and to all those we meet along the way. How would that play out in our lives? Just imagine the personal and global healing if we made every day a day of thanks, forgiveness, and giving of ourselves. Imagine the health of the planet, beginning with each one of us!

This is a season for giving. Let’s make every day a personal Thanksgiving Day! Make it your intention to give of yourself and your talents, to forgive, and to fill your time with gratitude.

Join us any Sunday in November and count your blessings with us and watch them increase tenfold! For that which you are grateful, you will never be denied. Among all the blessings you count, be sure to include yourself!

Affirmation: I am blessed. My life is blessed. All in my world is blessed.

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. at The Colony Theatre located at 555 N. Third St. in Burbank.

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