Dear Kenny:


You, too, are a Sweet Spirit for answering our letters! I’ll bet you get a ton of mail.

I’m handwriting my letter as you ask us to, but wonder why we can’t typewrite our letters – could you explain it, please?

In the meantime, I hope you’ll answer my question as soon as possible. I’m wondering if I’m going to get married in the coming year. I already have my engagement ring from Philip, but we haven’t set a date. He’s an attorney and I am a secretary so we both have good jobs.I don’t think that’s why we haven’t decided on a time to get married yet. I hope to hear from you, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.


Dear Sweet Spirit Suzanne:

I’m very glad you handwrote your letter because you’re right – I cannot answer the typewritten letters. I’ve mentioned the reason why before but am happy to do so again. When you write the letter yourself (and also seal and mail it yourself) your vibrations are strongly on the letter. Typing a letter is much less personal since a machine is doing the work. As a psychic/medium, I receive messages based on your vibrations. So your writing, sealing and mailing the letter is the best way we have of your communicating with me. It’s basically from your hands to mine.

Regarding your marriage to Philip: All of a sudden as I was reading your letter, I saw a Valentine in front of me. I psychically suspect that your wedding should or will take place in the month of February, Valentine’s month.

I’m going by your letter and I see that February 19 would be an excellent date. And, at this moment (and please don’t hold me to it regarding a specific date) I am getting additional information. Please contact me a couple of months after your wedding for more details on this next prediction, because Suzanne – I feel that your first baby will be a girl and get ready because I feel that almost directly afterwards you will deliver a handsome baby boy!

In closing, I wish you great happiness. And I hope that Philip has a good number of law cases coming up because I psychically think that these two children might not even finish your family number.

Dear Kenny:

My name is Justin. Well, not really, but I will know that it’s me you’re talking about when you answer this. Too many people know me in the Toluca Lake area, so I don’t want to use my real name.

I’m not married. I’m very much in love with my best friend’s wife. She doesn’t respond to my hints at all so I don’t know if she is interested in me.

My friend has no idea how much I’m in love with his wife. Please don’t say that I shouldn’t covet another man’s wife.

This woman is not beautiful but she has a certain charisma that attracts me. It also causes me great unhappiness because I’m not sure she would leave her husband for me. They seem very happy together but maybe it’s because she doesn’t know how I feel, because she and I get along really well otherwise.

Kenny – what can I do to ease my pain? Do you think I stand a chance with her?

Dear Justin:

I’m sorry to say that your letter is one of the most unpleasant ones I’ve ever received.

These two people – your friend and his wife – are very happy together, you tell me. Yet you are trying to destroy their happiness to find your own.

Please find the woman who is meant for you on your own. It is not this woman. To ease your pain, as you requested, I would suggest that you try to spend less time with the couple, without making it obvious that you are backing away.

I’ve seen too many women think that a new romance with a new man is exciting. But believe me; even if you could convince your friend’s wife of this, I’ve also seen many of these “exciting” romances perish. Then, all concerned are unhappy.

For your own good, please let your friend continue to love his wife and let her continue to love her husband. I wish you nothing but the best in your search for a paramour of your own.

Dear Readers: I have some exciting news to share with you. I have started an Internet radio show and hope you will join me each week for how-to advice, celebrity stories and guests, and I will be taking your phone calls. Visit at 8 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesdays and tell your friends in other states or countries that they can tune in and call in, too.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, and look for his answer to your question in a future issue. Send your letter to: Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny, visit

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