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I recently received a most disturbing letter. It was from a friend of mine in London whose husband just passed away. I’m sharing the contents of it with you because I feel that many of you can identify with it.

I feel deeply touched because I performed their wedding ceremony over twenty-nine years ago. As a minister, I was very careful to make sure they were truly in love, as I do with couples in all of the weddings I perform.

They were married at my spiritualist church and my dear assistant, Valerie Porter, wrote their ceremony as she does for all the weddings I perform. They were extremely pleased and had an extremely happy life.

They lived in London for years and wrote to me frequently. I go to London often to appear on television shows and saw them periodically.

In Mary Jo’s letter to me recently, she said that ever since Bradley (her husband) passed, she’s been unable to stop crying. He passed just over two weeks ago. I telephoned her and told her to remember what my philosophy has always been. I said: “Cry and feel free to continue crying, Mary Jo, until you realize that Bradley is gone from this earthly plane in body. But remember that you still have his two wonderful children. The tears will stop – they must – because I’m sure he’s looking down at you and wants you to stop crying so that you can pray for him. Prayers are what he most needs at this moment.”

I told her that everyone needs them when they’ve left Earthplane. I further suggested that she dedicate something to his memory – some act of charity or worthwhile endeavor.

This same thing was what I told entertainers Eydie Gorme and her husband Steve Lawrence when they lost their son Michael. They wanted to cancel an upcoming tour they had planned. I said, “No, no, no. Michael would be so sad if you did that.” I told them to go ahead with the tour and dedicate it to his memory.

I’m happy to say that they did the tour, dedicating it to Michael, and it was a huge success. I know he was enormously pleased with his parents for doing so.

Regarding my friend Mary Jo, I said, “Give Bradley time to go to his final resting place and when he can, he will contact you in his own way. As we talked about so often in your private readings and at our church (which I had for over 30 years), he will, when he has strength, move an object in your home, or show you some other sign that he’s with you in spirit.”

I said that perhaps her children would notice that an object had been moved, too. Or Bradley might leave the scent of his cologne and his wife or children would notice it. That would be a sign that he was around them and sending his love.

But Bradley, and all those who have passed to the spirit world, must have time to get acquainted with their new “home.” Remember that no one dies, they only have a new birthday for that is when life begins anew for them. We will of course miss our loved ones being with us in body but we should be happy for them in spirit.

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