Dear Sweet Spirits, a thousand tender thanks for a mail box full of your questions, and for the “Thank you’s” for the many answers that have helped you in the past.


So many of you have said, “Kenny, every time I see your photo or see you on television, you look and act so content and happy.” I truly feel that it is our choice to be happy or sad. So why be sad? I have been an active psychic/medium since I was 15. (And, please, don’t ask how long ago that was!) I enjoy so very much helping my clients solve their problems. I also enjoy doing TV appearances, and appearing in person at events or lectures, performing weddings and traveling, etc. It’s really a joy for me.
I’m doing the work that makes me happy, and you should too, dear ones. Sit down alone, and ask yourself what work would make you happy. No, excuse me—don’t use the word “work.” Say, instead, “What should I be doing that would make me happy, content and prosperous?” This question, and this moment alone, belongs to you. And once you’ve decided what will make you happy, begin right away to help make that dream come true.
When I had my church services for 30 years, one evening after one of the services, a small, happy-looking woman came up to me, and said she’d been a follower of mine since, in her words, “you were such a small little boy.  When you came out onstage in an auditorium of well over 1000 people, you were so little you had to be placed on a box when you were introduced so people could see you, and hear you speak into the microphone.”
She said, “Your bow tie was nearly as big as you were, and when the audience stopped clapping and got quiet, you gave us that wonderful, happy smile, giggled, and said, ‘Hello, Sweet Spirits!’ And some gentleman yelled up from the theatre seats, ‘How do you know we are sweet spirits?’ You smiled and said, ‘Well, we are God’s Children. So we are born ‘sweet,’ and when we leave this land, we will return to God as a spirit. So that’s why.” She said the audience went wild with applause.
“I’m 93-years old now,” she said, “and I’m still following your career. And just now when I said hello, you gave me that spiritual smile, and without even thinking, hugged me and said, ‘Hello, Sweet Spirit.’” I told her, “That’s why I’m happy, and you look so young for your age–we enjoy laughing and hugging and kissing.” She obviously enjoyed her life as much as I’m enjoying mine, and I wish the same for all of you.
When I closed my church in San Francisco and came to Southern California to do so many of my own television shows, as well as guest on other people’s shows, I was still asked what Sweet Spirits meant. I recall so vividly the first celebrity who asked me that. I was leaving the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills. I was introduced to columnist Louella Parsons, and naturally said, “Hello, Sweet Spirit.” She said, “What a beautiful saying.” We became lifelong friends. At a party that my friend, actor Clifton Webb, gave, he introduced me to Louella’s rival columnist, Hedda Hopper. The same thing happened–she loved the term.
Another columnist, Rona Barrett, said, “Don’t ever change that greeting you give to people.” One day, I attended, as an author, a luncheon at the Ambassador Hotel, sponsored by Adela Rogers St. Johns’ Book Club. Four of us had been invited to speak, and then sell our books. At my table, there were two empty seats.
We started lunch with the two empty seats still there. Presently, one of the most famous of all columnists, Sheilah Graham, entered, and sat down in one of the seats. (The love of her life for many years had been novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald.)
We all introduced ourselves to one another. I said, “Oh, Sweet Spirit, who belongs in the empty seat next to you?” She said, “He is a Sweet Spirit. It’s F. Scott Fitzgerald. He may be on the other side but I was so tired this morning that I didn’t know how I’d get here today. I just know that without Scottie’s help, I’d never have made it. He is a Sweet Spirit, and I feel him with me today.”
It’s interesting that four of the world’s most famous columnists enjoyed hearing the title “Sweet Spirits,” and even began using it themselves.
I invite you to smile when introduced to someone, or when you see an old friend, and say, “Hello, Sweet Spirit.” You’ll find your life will become much happier indeed, and more rewarding. And when you and I cross paths, be sure to wave, and say it to me as well–you know I’ll return the sentiment.

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